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Services will start at nine thirty burial will be at the memorial gardens in Westland. Hundreds of friends and relatives were at the visitation yesterday. And last night they had big plans for two thousand nineteen. I think we're also trying to wrap our heads around the magnitude. Of a tragedy. Like, this you sound boss's wife, Dr Reema Abbass and their three children returning to their home. In northville from a trip to Florida when that crash occurred caused by a wrong way driver is suspected to have been drunk on. I seventy five in Kentucky, the free samples weren't good enough at Costco to jewelry thieves are in custody though for a smash and grab a Costco store in commerce township. They were after jewelry the heist led police on a chase that ended west Bloomfield, the police dragnet covered the area searching for the suspects. And they were nabbed police. Also recovered a stolen car police will try to determine if this is the pair which has done several smash and grabs of jewelry stores in recent weeks. President Trump speaks to the nation tonight expected to declare a national emergency and us military funding to build the wall. Meantime, the partial shutdown Democrats are offering response to the Republicans who say the house passed bills to reopen. The federal government will not. Get a vote in the Senate. Here's correspondent, Linda Kenyon. Senate Democrats say they might block action on all bills, including the serious sanctions Bill until the Senate votes on reopening all of the federal government, President Trump. Meanwhile, says he may declare a national emergency at the southern border and us presidential power to order the building of the border wall. I think it would be a huge mistake to declare a national and there is no national emergency Washington. Democratic Representative Adam Smith says there is however a humanitarian emergency Linda Kenyon, Washington travelers at Detroit metro though and other airports across the country waiting a much longer than usual to be screened by the TSA because partly because of a blue flu affecting some of the TSA agents at the airports at Detroit metro line host about three hours trying to get my special needs son through there and getting checked out through TSA and so forth. So it was pretty crappy variance have you ever had to wait that long gone through TSA before? Now. Never never have. We just came back from Las Vegas, and it didn't take nearly that long. Any indication that there were too few agents at the gate. Well, it looked like they were really busy. There was a lot of people that was scrambling to get stuff done. But there wasn't a lot of people taking care of bankruptcy. Hearing will take place to determine whether the lights will go out at Sears parent company. Sears holdings filed for bankruptcy in October. Carlos go on has for the first time given his version of the events that led to his arrest in Tokyo couple of months ago for financial misconduct. Go and told the judge your honor. I'm innocent of the accusations against me, go on said he had always acted honourably and legally and with the knowledge and approval of the appropriate executives inside Nissan. Prosecutors charged going under reporting his income by tens of millions of dollars. WGN news time seven oh four. Here's Shawn baligian. Sports. Well, good morning. Good morning. Everybody. Clemson is college. Football's national champion after pounding Allah. Obama last night to the tune of forty four to sixteen freshman quarterback. Trevor Lawrence threw for three hundred and forty seven yards and three scores. This is the second championship in three years for Clemson third. Overall, the first coming in nineteen Eighty-one pistons fall to the San Antonio Spurs last night one nineteen one oh seven.

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