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A not guilty plea on his behalf in Massachusetts court on charges that he groped eighteen year old busboy in two thousand sixteen AP. Correspondent Warren Levinson reports. Kevin Spacey did not speak entering or leaving and Puckett district court where he was ordered to stay away from young man who accuses space you've groping him in a crowded bar two and a half years ago. He did not speak during the court proceedings was legal team entered a plea of not guilty on his behalf. The next hearing in the case was set for March fourth Spacey was told he does not need to appear thousands of scientists who expected to see the world's largest airborne observatory at the Super Bowl of astronomy in Seattle this week, we're disappointed because of the partial government shutdown. It meant NASA space exploring plane couldn't make the flight to the two hundred thirty third meeting of the American astronaut Michael society, along with the plane hundreds of government. Scientists are also not. allowed to attend the conference or to other major scientific gathering scheduled to begin this week. But the shutdowns impact on science stretches well beyond the empty chairs at this week's conferences. It means some of the nation's smartest scientific minds are sitting at home not doing science for weeks with no clear end

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