Toronto Serial Killer Bruce McArthur Gets Life Sentence in Case That Terrorized Gay Men


A sixty seven year old landscape gardener and former shopping mall, Santa Claus who was revealed as a serial killer. Terrorizing Toronto has been sentenced to life in prison. Bruce, MacArthur, targeted the gay community in Canada's biggest city for seven years in total. Eight men were killed with police finding a ninth men tied to a bed alive when they stormed MacArthur's home to arrest him vulnerable victims, including homeless men immigrants and refugees from Ghana stance. Relent and Iran were lured to the home and then strangled to death. A jury in Toronto her disturbing. Details of what happened next during his trial who spoke to CBS's Llorente red cop who was in the courtroom for the sentencing or the judge called MacArthur, pure evil. So the judge said that really that this had to be about punishment and not about vengeance. And so he. We went through all the various options and everything that he took into account, for example. He talked about the who've horrific nature of these murders and talked about this as a collective nightmare. Four members of the community for family and friends saying that this is a nightmare that they would have to deal with for the rest of their lives. He also talked about how not only would these deaths have been slow and painful, but then also talked about the indignities that were experienced by the men's bodies as they were buried either in planters or in the ground at behind a home where McArthur worked as a landscaper detach. Also mentioned that yes, he did plead guilty. But said he didn't show any sign of remorse. Some of the family members of the victims were pleased with with the sentencing. That's right. Exactly. I mean, they would they wanted to see the maximum that however much that could be so we know that this is a life sentence. The crown had been asking for no chance of parole for fifty years. The judge talked about that as you know, that it would be largely symbolic as MacArthur would be a hundred and sixteen years of age if he were to be alive at that time, but still given that these were eight murders and so horrific in nature. He had saved pictures of the men both when they were alive and also once they had already been killed most of them were strangled, and then pictured in some cases with a fur coat or for hat and their bodies posed in some cases with a cigar in their mouths that these were such horrific crimes, the families and friends they wanted to see something more. And so the judge said, you know, it's unlikely that if he is alive at that time that he even will be granted parole parole

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