How to access the Alexa Talking Tech skill

Talking Tech


Talking tech is brought to you by wicks dot com with wicks you can use artificial design intelligence to create a stunning website right from your phone in five minutes or less. Just go to wicks dot com. That's W I X dot com and create your professional website today. Is Jefferson Graham with USA got great news for anybody who has an Amazon echo speaker? We've got a new way to get the daily talking tech podcast deliver to you first thing every morning. The an Alexa flash briefing. Now, the skill the bring talking tech directly to you is easy to add. However, it will take a few steps. So stick with me in the smartphone. Alexa app, which you used to control the Amazon echo speakers, you enable the talking tech flash briefing skill open the app, go to settings click on flash briefings from there, you can access search just type in talking tech. And then enable the skill now. Each morning, you can either say Alexa, play talking tech flash briefing or Alexa, play my flash briefing. You can also tweet your settings to make sure the talking tech is the first thing you hear as part of your flash briefing. Now, just so you know, USA day is also working on adding the show to Google. Speakers. So stay tuned for more news in twenty nineteen. If you happen to be new to talking tech, the podcast is a quick two to four minute. Hit of the latest tech news reviews and commentaries with an occasional guest in the past week. We offered advice on getting great Princeton smartphones, we weighed in on Netflix price hike. We reviewed the aug home smart. Lock and talk to musician. Harry Connick junior about his new gig teaching piano on the playground sessions app. Beyond the flash briefings. You can listen to talking tech wherever you find great podcasts. And I just wanna thank you everyone for listening. Any concerns any questions you can always find me on Twitter where I'm at Jefferson Graham. Thanks, everyone. For listening to talking tech. Talking tech is brought to you by wicks dot com. When you're ready to get your website up and running you want to be able to do it quickly and efficiently and wicks dot com has got you covered. They developed artificial design intelligence that creates a stunning website for you with wicks you. You can create your own professional website right from your phone, which means you can open your own online store portfolio or blog wherever you are. How's that for officiant? Just go to wicks dot com. Decide what you need a website for pick your style at your own images link your social accounts and just like that your website is ready. You'll look amazing on every device desktop and mobile and it takes less than five minutes. Plus, you can do it with one hand. So it's time to get started. Go to wicks dot com. That's W I X dot com and create your very own beautiful professional website today.

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