OPEC talks stall as Saudis refuse to exempt Iran from oil cut


On this that the Russians is what they're more concerned about consumer prices that don't want to count because the don't want prices to increase domestically too much. Yeah. That's right. And it's very hard also to get the Russian oil companies onboard. But Russia well price in roubles is doing much better than we we've seen dollars. So they, of course, they want dodgy trickle down and. Energy minister Novak reiterated this thing there. Okay. At sixty dollars a barrel naturally are trading. Now. It's Russia doing another cut is not as imperative is possibly some of the other OPEC group, especially without the INS says next year the budget oil only seventy five dollars a barrel to balance cut Borussia is a little bit less of a concern urgency. But one thing is for sure that they saw to President Putin happened in two thousand sixteen Putin and Saudi counterpart NBS had a phone conversation. So could potentially come down to that again today. Do the Saudis consider possibly cutting themselves. I mean, they could single handedly control the market if they wanted to. They want everyone to have exemption, and they weren't everyone should know exemptions. So yes, of course, if there is a deal, they will be the wants to cut, but. Colorado fought I said on the way that you twenty over Nigeria Emmanuel catch it. And he said they will not bear the burden in two thousand sixteen. They did that's what makes it very different overwhelming. Traders are telling me walking a very fine line. It's very difficult for them to cut alone into five President Trump's call for oil prices after the White House has shown significant support for the crown prince following the fallout of the killing of democracy. Odin turkey. Thank you very much. Yeah. The Iranians, of course, aren't getting around exemptions. And it seems overhearing hearing from even within OPEC either within the cartel themselves that talking about how each of them has their own reason for maybe not participating fully in the council. We will see what transpires today in Vienna. Bloomberg's Ameri Holden standing by for us in the NFL. Then all right straight ahead on daybreak Europe.

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