Trudeau says China not respecting diplomatic immunity


So how off the rails are Canadian Chinese relations right now really off the rails. It's something that I think that Trudeau is really really sweating. This is a prime minister who has based so much of his foreign policy around China, particularly for trade and was pushing for a free trade agreement with China and China was was pushing for free trade agreement Canada. I mean Canadians already weren't really very warm to that idea in the first place and now all this. I think has really made it impossible for Trudeau to get something like that done. People are are pretty much outraged. Yeah, he sounds like he's in a hard spot right now. I mean, presumably under pressure to intervene on behalf of cover against bother. It's not just the pressure to. I think it's also like Canada has had a very long history of frankly, just naivety when it comes to China, the Canadian public and the Canadian government and Canadian diplomats even seem to think that all we have to do is play. Nice and we can get. China to open up when it comes to human rights and things like that. And that's just not going to happen and has been this very go along to get along attitude from the Canadian government for some time and Canadians have been kind of indifferent to the whole thing. But I think this is really woken up to how this regime actually operates. And I don't think that the Chinese government is going to be able to come back from this in the is a Canadian public. What do you know about the conditions of their detention of spe and covert? We don't know much about what's going on with covert and Spangler or but covert has had his second. Visit from a consular official just yesterday. So they had been visited by officials from the embassy. Yes, yes, they have. But the actual details of how they're being held have not been divulged by the Canadian side or the Chinese side. So there's covert inspirer. How many Canadians have been detained China's since the arrest and Vancouver of executive Joe altogether. It's thirteen but eight of them have been released a lot of it is just sort of very typical stuff at any given time. There's about two hundred Canadians in the legal system in China for various things, there's a lot of Canadians who live in China, particularly Beijing and Shanghai. And so people get into you know, they get into bar fights or just little things like that. And so there's always a certain amount of Canadians who are at some level of the legal system in China. Right. But of that number how many do you suspect are in retaliation for among long show? I would say that that cover against Bob were I think that those are probably the only two I think if there was any others the Chinese government would want that to be known as well with covert fabric of actually come out and said that. These two people are accused of endangering state security, whereas the other ones there hasn't been any kind of public announcement like that Jeremy I I know you're working on a report about China's use of soft power affecting Canadian attitudes toward China what have you found out and does that kind of trope of naivete run through your conclude? It certainly does because what we've had is does woman. Yes, you Chow who's a a human rights worker based in Washington who told me that Vancouver. Particularly is the communist party's headquarters in North America. And what she means by that is there are a lot of I don't wanna use the word agents, but people who who are very willingly doing the bidding of the Chinese government within the Kadian Chinese community in Vancouver, which is really hard. Isn't it very large? Yeah. There's hundreds of thousands in Vancouver alone. And of course, I mean, it's important to distinguish that a lot of them are not in favor of the Chinese government actions. They left China for a reason. However, the Chinese government makes a lot of efforts to try to control. All this group of ex patriots. They do things like try to get local think tanks on board with them. So sort of write papers that support their points of views on certain issues, these sorts of things, and they also try to cozy up to Canadian politicians at all levels and the prime minister himself was involved in a scandal. A few years ago, he's basically caught with Chinese government officials at a very lavish dinner for fundraising turned out that a lot of them had connections to the Chinese government, or we're also just sort of unseemly kind of businessmen. That was the first instance, I think we're we're Trudeau kind of got a bit of a up call on what he was dealing with. And it's kind of gone from there are the Chinese at all successful at penetrating Chinese Canadian media, either propaganda or fake news or anything like that incredibly successful. We've had columnists fired here in Vancouver because the Chinese government has told their publishers to to fire them we had. Oh, yeah. No. It's it's an it's an incredibly large problem. One thing that you have here. You're going on now. For instance, we chat, which is how a lot of Chinese Canadians. Still get their news is controlled, you know, more or less by the Chinese government. And so stories that are critical of China or removed from that it's actually quite difficult or can be quite difficult for Chinese Canadians to get news in Chinese that is critical of the Chinese government. Still a lot of the the media here. The Chinese media will just play ball because it's kind of essential to their business model to have the Chinese government. You know, have them as a trusted source because it's how they get invited to networking events. That's how they get advertising things like that. So yeah, it's quite a problem. Jeremy not all the lead investigator reporter for the star Vancouver in Canada. He focuses on the influence

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