How to 'chunk it up' when it comes to tricky questions


The true you in twenty nineteen in English. Welcome to the all ears English podcast downloaded more than fifty million times. We believe in connection not perfection with your American hosts Lindsey McMahon the English adventure. And Michelle Kaplan, the New York radio girl coming to you from Boston and New York City U S a and to get your transcripts delivered by Email every week. Go to all ears English dot com forward slash subscribe. The web class is coming up soon. And you don't wanna miss this unique opportunity to grab your spot. So today find out how to sign up. Hey lizzy. What's happening? Hey, Jessica, I am ready for the first web class of twenty nine thousand nine is going at pick. It's going to be awesome. I am so excited about this web Ghazi guys we were working on it just recently. Right. Just getting everything you guys. And honestly, it's been so fun to design this web class. Like, this is such a creative learning opportunity. I mean, this is a huge goal, right? Yeah. How can you express your personality? How can you be you in English? This is cameras so Lindsey, and I have been working really hard to break this down into real actions. You guys could take to do this. Oh, absolutely. Because over the year, you know, you, and I we've both been teaching for more than ten years right for a long time and working with so many students I worked with a lot of students one on one before we started this podcast and back in. Twenty ten and two thousand seven ages ago. Right and students would always tell me, I can't be myself in English. Like, I feel like maybe a pillar version of myself in this language because I don't have the vocabulary. I don't have the attitude. I can't be myself. And that's a pain point. That's a major problem for a lot of our students. A listen our listeners, all it's huge. And you know, I think this is essentially why it is sort of easier for like little kids to learn another language than it is for adults to learn another language because we're an adult. You are you're as you've you know, who you are at this point. You've tried out some other ways of being and you've sort of settled on yourself. You know, who you are? But and you can do that in your first language, you could beat you in your first language, and then when you're trying to speak another language, it's like you revert back to you know, infancy or whatever. And you're like I can't say what I want to say. I can't do what I want to do. And it's really frustrating. And so part of that, of course is vocab. So we're going to help you guys think you're out. Where's the best place for you to get this real vocabulary? Right. Like how where do you go to learn how to express yourself in English? But another part of it is sort of like, this bigger piece first of all like figure out who what what is the best thing about you at how can you do this in English as well as I love it. And once we have this information once we know how to do this the sky's the limit, right? Because at that point, we're empowered with these skills, and we start to envision we start to see that person. Again, that we know we are in our native language, and we can see the path to getting to the point where we can express ourselves. He like ourselves, right? It's a horrible feeling not feeling like yourself right tangible. I mean, everybody has those days, I think that just happens. Sometimes this is the biggest pain point, right? Like, what is holding you back in English? And that always just like, I think that idea is what governs everything we do. Right. We don't want anything to hold you back in English. And that's what I'm so excited about this like this particular web class, I think more than any other. I'm just gonna go out on a limb that I am more excited about this one. This is just what's so fun to think about so like a big part of this right is finding your role models. Right. Like, that's the heart of it. Like, how who are you going to follow an English that goes back to what Lindsey said a minute ago about knowing what your goals are having these clear goals in front of you. So having this idea of who you want to sound like, right? Like, how can you beat us in English you need that example, that model so you have a clear destination? Exactly. So when it caused so maybe we can just. Briefly give our listeners a little sneak peek of how exactly we're going to do that how they're gonna do that on this web class

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