President Trump, Hillary Clinton And Michael Cohen discussed on Larry O'Connor


You please shed some light on this Michael Cohen debacle. What you're seeing that this this interview that he gave did with George Stephanopoulos, and this isn't this against every ethical guideline that any lawyer is ever supposed to entered into with their clients. Yes. But you have to understand that the rules. Don't apply when the elite want something we've learned for instance, I as a Colonel I helped I operated with classified material if I had done one tenth at one one thousand genes Coney said Hillary Clinton did before giving her a pass I would be in federal prison. So you see the rules are different Wendy elite want something they want Hillary to be. Okay. So the rules change, they they want Trump scalp so suddenly attorneys can testify against their client. And when Michael Cohen was defending President Trump. The media called him untrustworthy a liar despicable a hack now that he's throwing Trump under the bus. He's the most

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