2 more measles cases confirmed, 11 others suspected in Clark Co.


The housing market ABC, Sherry Preston explains. College grads, oh on average, more than thirty five thousand dollars in student loans when they leave school that adds up to one and a half trillion dollars in debt load and it signed by the Federal Reserve as the main reason home ownership among people ages twenty four to thirty to his fallen significantly between two thousand five in two thousand fourteen. It's also cited as a reason more younger Americans are moving out of rural areas. The fed says half of all student loan borrowers moving to urban areas within six years of graduation as they search for higher paying jobs, Cheri Preston. ABC news. Gena piper now has his own beer in a piper hazy IPA's as made by Portland brewing. Proceeds from the beer we'll go towards his new nonprofit weird pediatrics United in a piper. Brian Kidd says the organizations dedicated to keeping Portland weird by voting unique local culture, Wall Street today. Dow's up one every twenty one points, NASDAQ is up forty four s and p is up seventeen. Down traffic. Worker there in the right lane there. Northbound I five near the Fremont bridge. Things are jammed up now all the way back to the Mark without west eighty four now is very slow twenty eight to five and a little bit of slowing Washington park down sunset, Len Masterson t e x traffic

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