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Is a place where people will care about problem solving people that are actually trying to get things done recognize that voice that is former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper, his comment to the Moines television station about why what was he doing in Iowa porn, some beers and talking to people and kissing babies. He has not declared yet. But I think he's well on his way to making that happen. He joins what two dozen other people that have got their their hat in the race. And depending on your perspective. I don't I don't know that having sixteen people running for president was really a great thing for the for the GOP back in twenty sixteen. I think Democrats might learn that lesson themselves. So here's the contenders thus far. We've got Senator Elizabeth Warren. Who I have to admit is a little less convincing when she's just having a beer, if you if you haven't seen that video clips, I guess Senator Elizabeth Warren, she's kind of a Justice warrior, she's far left. She's had some issues of late is she's been outed as being not not exactly native American. But I guess her consultants have said to her you're not very relatable, you've got Alexandria, Cossio Cortez out there, she seems super relatable and super cute. And you you just seem kind of old and stiff and Massachusetts like so she made this little video. I assume for Facebook in which he's like, I'm gonna get myself a beer, it's like, it would have been more realistic and more authentic. I think if she had said I'm going to get myself a Cup of tea really strike me as the beer type just saying or champagne Presario, I'm gonna get myself some. That would have worked a little bit better. I think also Senator Kamala Harris, and she just recently put her her hat and the Rangers. She's a beautiful woman. She used to be a prosecutor, although that may come back to haunt her. Among the progressives seriously three zero three seven one three eight two five five if you've got an opinion about the emerging field on the left also five seven seven three nine. So Kamala Harris, I think she used to be a little bit more of a centrist is now like the rest go full on progressive Senator Kirsten gillibrand another another pretty gal. I sure some of these women wouldn't like me Klein them gals. I'm actually okay with the term gal. If you wanted to call me a gallon. I'm fine with that. But you kind of more hard core. Hardcore feminists. I don't think they really liked that. So maybe I should say this woman, the Senator pretty progressive is all about the L about these socialized medicine, and and and here's the deal for those on the far left. If you want people who are skeptical, Donald Trump, and and kind of centrist, moderate Republicans that would rather not vote for for President Trump. If you wanna get them to vote for Donald Trump. Then you should really keep pushing the socialized medicine because some of us health issues. I've got several kind of significant things not significant on the level of like cystic fibrosis, but annoying chronic problems that I got a monitor and I don't want to be in a socialized medicine system. I don't want to pay into it. I don't wanna play with it. And the reason why is washed a friend of mine die under that system. I also I've had five surgeries in the last ten years. I know that if I were in Canada, I would have waited a good year. Probably for each one of those surgeries and pain is bad. I don't wanna live in pain. I want to be an in the system like the one we have flawed as it is where I could she can get the care that I need. So you want to you wanna turn me a skeptic into a Trump fan? Then then then try to push socialized medicine on me. Just for all those democratic consultants out there if you want if you want me to put a Trump sticker on the back of my car, then run somebody who loves socialized medicine. So we also have Julian Castro, I guess, probably no relation to the Cuban dictator, but he is San Antonio mayor and former HUD secretary when he first put his hat in the ring, I was like who's that? Who's that? And so I think I would put him in the who's that category. Singles for Tulsi Gabbard. She is a I guess, she's she's pretty good friends are pretty friendly with Syrian dictator Bashar al-assad, and and that might come back to haunt. I also think the far left is is displeased with the fact that she was once anti anti gay marriage. And the, you know, your sins will not be forgotten. If you're on the left. So I think that just might keep the Hawaiian congresswoman from getting where she'd like to go former former Representative John Delaney again in the who's that category. And mayor Pete how to pronounce this name, but a gig. But a gig could the first four letters are b u t t the Indiana guy. Yeah, he's the Indiana guy mayor Pete Belichick booty Jake. Maybe it's booth. Jake. And you know, what I could vote for that. I like it. Bitty jake. The fact that he'd be the first openly LGBTQ R S president in the American in America's history. What am I going to drop that altogether? So and then also Andrew Yang in in the who's that category. Of course, Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is he will keep running and everyone wants Joe Biden to throw his hat in the ring. Cory booker. Of course, just as a matter of ego. I think he'll be in Sharad Brown. Amy, kluber char Jeff Marquis. And here's where it gets a little bit interesting Senator Michael Bennet also made this list on FOX his display last weekend where he was no longer Mr. mellow. But Mr. outraged Mr Justice man that that display I think is an indication he is going to run. And I think some consultants said dude, you're to mellow you're like to centrists to mellow. Oh to to thoughtful, you wanna go toe to toe with Donald Trump you and actually get through the crazy battle of the primary than you better throw some punches, and so he smacked around Ted Cruz on the Senate floor in a way that was I think very unsettled to'real like, and I think it was it was like it was like his stage and he was doing kind of like an audition. Like, look, I could be tough to. I could be outrageous. I can be outraged. So I'm hoping we'll get him on the show sometime because I'm going to ask him about that. I actually prefer thoughtful Senator Bennett not that I agree with him on probably anything, but thoughtful senatorial statesman, like I think that's. That's that's that's the man I would have liked to have run, but Mr. spicy house. Like, he carries it, frankly. And actually, I wish nobody would carry it. I'm not I'm not into spicy. I'm into I'm into statesman-like. So former Senator governor sorry, I'm gonna sit former Senator I didn't almost I did say, I didn't mean to former governor Colorado governor John Hickenlooper. Of course, it's been talking about this for a while. And I'd like him to run I like him. I'm not going to vote for him. He's way too far left for me. He's also not pro-life, and that's kind of a. Kind of a non starter for me. You gotta be pro-life. If you want my vote because at a very basic level. That's who I am. I believe in protecting the innocent the vulnerable, even when I was a crazy far left democrat. I was still pro-life. And if you she can't stand up for the unborn can't stand up for the vulnerable. Don't believe that. It's necessary. Don't actually care about those kids because they're nameless. Faceless. Nobody's to you. Then I can't vote for you. It doesn't even matter. You could be a Republican you could be the best Republican in the world. Like Ronald Reagan, minus the pro-life part still can't vote for you. It's just the way. It is beta Aurora the first Irish Hispanic, I think president. I just of course, I think he is just Irish I don't know where he got the name Bego Michael Bloomberg TOMS tire. And the list goes on and on. I hope that they end up with a good twenty five thirty people because he knows that that goes really, well when you get that many people in their Bruce in each other up, and then hopefully, the most obnoxious person will will will win. I mean, it's happened before. Let's put it that way. Three. Oh, three seven one three eight two five five who is the most noxious democrat running for president. Do you think three zero three seven one three eight two five five Kamala Harris Ryan Ryan is has given his vote to Kamala Harris. Oh, we have Kamala. Are you giving your vote to her? And actually, let's here come on in her own words as she decides. She wants to run for president. We have leaders bullying attack of free press and undermine our democratic institutions. That's not our America. White supremacists. March and murder in Charlottesville massacre, innocent worshippers, a Pittsburgh. That's not our America when we have children in cages crying for their mothers and fathers. Don't you dare call that border security? That's a human rights. And.

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