Want a 5G-powered iPhone? Get ready to wait (The 3:59, Ep. 498)

The 3:59


Three fifty nine. I'm Ben FOX Ruben Roger Chan apple plans to wait until twenty twenty to start selling a five G powered iphone? That's according to a story from Bloomberg yesterday, which supports previous reports and apples typical strategy when a new network gets deployed. So Roger the first question I have is why would apple when a wait until twenty twenty. If you know, what is it? Same songs already making noise about creating five g phones were it's for Rizon AT and T next year. What's what's the benefit for them? The benefit is this is the standard apple playbook. They don't like to jump into need new technology quickly. They did as with wireless charging with apple mobile payments. They basically wait for the technology to mature to more people have it or comfortable with the idea make sure although the wrinkles have been ironed out, and then they jump in. They did this with three g they did four G. They were always about a year behind your and a half behind argue this time around with five being as given the excitement little fudgy, so high there's a lot of interest in it. It may not be the best move for apple to wait this long. But you've got a wake the cycles. Right. Like latoya nineteen if they're missing that. Then you've got to wait till the light twenty twenty five GI phone. You know, it's get apple apple Zappa l-. Do you think? So do you think that competitors would actually be able to steal customers away from them? Because of this like because I'm wondering if five G is really going to be much of a thing next year. Anyway. No that is a fantastic question. I think twenty twenty nineteen is one five g kicks off. But it won't be brought the vailable. You're right. It'll be a handful of cities that doesn't sit here and there and even within those cities just a few neighborhoods. It's gonna take a while for five year ramp up. So apple can make the argument that it's still not around. It's not probably they'll why are we going to invest it? Now, the character that is this whole five G ecosystem moving towards upgrading everything networks devices and apple does risk falling behind given that all these other companies are going to be a year or two more experienced in dealing with the issues. Five G. We talked gesture. Today about how five G wasn't gonna be perfect from the Geico. But in order to make it order improve the service, you've got actually get it out there. And so apple is going to be starting. We started late, but also gonna be starting kind of fresh whereas everyone else will have a bunch of years of five G work under their Bill. Yeah. Unfortunately, I think apple continues to benefit from the fact that they control their own ecosystem. So you'd have to get somebody. That's really excited about five Geeta actually jumped ship, and unfortunately, I think you know, Samsung and all the other competitors know that so we'll we'll see if they actually really the geeky geeks who are into five Jeep might make the move. But for most people, you're right. They're probably gonna stick to their IOSCO system. Yeah. So next I wrote about neighbors the neighbors app from rang, which is Amazon smart home company. The app is part of a new crop of social network like neighborhood watch apps. What was interesting to me about this was I got a chance to see some of the alleged crimes that were going on in my neighborhood. There was like some some folks that were apparently trying to break into car. Somebody was vandalizing outside streetlight. I mean like I live in a quiet neighborhood in New Jersey. And what's what's obvious to me is the benefits for companies like ring for having something like this because it could convince more people to buy brought basically like free advertising, right like checkout. All crimes your neighborhood, you really upgrade to a ring system. So I talked to an analyst about this. And he said that you have to draw very careful line if your ring for this kind of thing. Yeah. You wanna create a neighborhood watch app that actually has benefits for the neighborhood? And you don't want to just make it look like an advertisement because then it's just cynical and people aren't going to buy into it. But so far this this is serve like, it's almost like a social feed. And it's pretty entertaining. That's the thing is that, you know, if you get sick of like Facebook or like checking out like your other feeds you go on like the neighbors feed. And you're like, oh my God. I can't believe that's happening. So that's sure all that stuff. I mean, people love watching these kinds of videos, you got direct fee to them. I got I got a little obsessed with it. But either way if you want to read more about these stories, check them out on CNN. I'm Ben FOX ribbon. James, thanks for listening.

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