Trump, Meghan Mccain And Hannity discussed on Von Haessler Doctrine


Personal that was that was deep. Trump. Why would she be so Meghan McCain? Yeah. But she was she saying is can we just talk about this one guy? Everything have to come back because some of the conservative. People are getting upset because they know that a lot of people are saying nice things about forty one. Now, if you go back to the time, he was he was an idiot. Couldn't speak properly. He didn't remember the thing with the at the shopping, Anna how much milk. He didn't know. He was amazed by the scanning machine. Look how out of touch is. And now these people are are say and now they're not only saying nice things about him. But they're using him as a blunt instrument against Trump. Like, oh, even though you this guy down while he was president. Now, you're holding them up and saying Trump doesn't measure up there's some truth to that I suppose, but that's always true in-depth. Also. Yes, they got to push back a little bit. Maybe I didn't hear the whole thing on Hannity, but he was going off on liberals who say nice things now. Let's talk forget one of the big reasons that Bush didn't get reelected was because he was primary by Republicans. A lot of Republicans who are saying nice things. Now also were not saying nice things back in the early.

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