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Suckle Spurs 'cause they host the rockets and the first part of our double header on ESPN tonight. And I really got to read you Gregg Popovich told MBA dot com about these three point explosion in the NBA over the past decade and mind, you they're playing the rockets tonight. Here's what pop said, quote, I hate it. But I always have I've hated the three for twenty years. Now, you look at a statute after a game in the first thing you look at is the threes if you made threes and the other team didn't win if you don't even look at rebounds or turnovers, you don't even care. That's how much impact the three point shot has. And how it's evidenced by how everyone plays since he's basically saying that all the final points of the game kind of fall by the wayside. If you can just bury the other team in threes degree. I do agree. I mean, I think that's been a huge advantage for the Golden State Warriors. Oh, that is three seasons is the fact that they've been able to shoot three ball better than any team in the league. And we've seen teams like Houston news emerged a little bit. And now, we go the Milwaukee Bucks who's taking the most attempt. So the three ball is the way that the game is going, and if anyone can speak on this coach pop can because I'm sure he's probably losing a little bit of his coaching field with guys shooting of all it's more of a mobile free flow game. Now, you know when I played in the Lee three point shot was important. But it wasn't that important in today's game. I you've got to get up almost five threes a quarter. I mean, or are you gonna find yourself behind your member of very hot night in San Antonio? When Danny green was raining in really high and raining in more three. Threes air conditioner was. This. I won a championship enlarge perfect 'cause they hit threes. I I would just say to pop maybe go the beer Beck. He's been he's been cranky. And he's been by the way, he's been cranking long before he saved through today back. Great thing we all do. But he also said that he doesn't think the game has lost its beauty and that same interview. I disagree. I think the game was beautiful. In fact, his mentor Hanky gin who was his coach at air force. I had a conversation with him a little while ago. And he said, you know, he he's the coaches a sixties. He goes game has never been more beautiful. So pop get a bottle of wine. Go see coach Egan. About the beauty of the game. It will be great for everybody. Well, I I agree with you on that point for sure I do I do understand though that there is room for the nuance of, hey, the bludgeoned the hammer of the three pointer one thing pop has been so great at over. The decades is finding all those little untucked corners of the game to get an advantage. And it's been fun to watch him do that. And those just aren't is available anymore when someone can come sweep you along with the three point shot. He's definitely lost. The Is it's. some of that when you have two hall of famers, David Robinson and follow with Tim Duncan? Those God made that three point line, very fruitful. That's what he is missing. So when when you don't have that that that magnet there the force that defense to droll in yet at three point shot does become a little bit more difficult. So he definitely don't have those big that same way short.

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