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This magma that is like warm jello. And if something happens in warms up that jello, the hypothesis is that ride that we live on with suddenly slip. And if it suddenly slipped than something like, the roundish continent of Antarctica might go from tropical or sub tropical down to what ended up being a very icy south pole, and it might happen. So quickly that trees would be flash frozen. Yeah. And this something like this might have happened. Very recently. A there is a. Scientists cold believe Lonnie Thompson who studies glaciers, and he has discovered at the base of a number of end, Ian glaciers flash frozen plant life. Weeds and and things that were. Part of a sub trop subtropical or temperate environment that were literally frozen in seconds. The ways you've you freeze food to go into in a of freezer section any carbon dating time line. Yeah. There it happened about five thousand years ago. And this is also the time in which would see the Ice Man was found died now seed died in an alpine meadow in the T role in northern Italy. He was then covered with snow. That's no did not melt until a few years ago. What happened that alpine meadow was filled with snow that then never melted. Meanwhile, in in.

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