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Five five from border to border wanna hear from you on this. It's about our US senators today the bizarre performance by Michael Bennett on the floor of the Senate. We have the sound for you. And if if you like this, we'll send the limo will make you the first caller I said jokingly was he drunk, but you'll listen to this. And I know isn't Trump that's not the point the point is he does sound like the guy sitting on the barstool at the end of the bar, you know, way past when he should've left. So we'll have that sound for you. And what's really up with Bennett? I mean, he's been around a long time. This bizarre performance today is totally unique got my own theory. I'll share that with you love yours. Eight five five four zero five eight to five five the number and talking about our other Senator Cory Gardner. I'm a big. Fan of the Senator the Senator today and green some people when he voted yes. On the Democrats Bill to reopen the government without funding the wall, he also voted yes. On the president's Bill to fund the wall and reopened the government. And I'll tell you why I support Corey on this. Why I don't think that that Corey should lose votes over this. I know you may disagree. But I'd like to have that conversation with the eight five five four zero five eight to five five the number. Please do Texas five seven seven three nine before. I go to the exploding text line. Then callers just want to play some of this sound for you and background. Here is your Ted Cruz get up today, and he was talking about how this shutdown blaming the Democrats for it because there would be such an easy way to resolve it how it is hurting first responders and then Michael Bennett launches on him will start with with Bennett launching on this particular point cut five. A different kind of problem in America..

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