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Ready to announce the vote is there any Senator wishing devote change. On this vote the yeas or fifty one the nays or forty seven. Three fifths of the senators duly chosen and sworn having voted in. The affirmative the motion is not agreed to. All right. That's the way that the roles. They were two votes today on reopening, the government one contained border wall funding, the other one did not and they both. They both went down and smoke a little late. Breaking news. Looks like the White House is preparing a draft proclamation for President Donald Trump to declare a national emergency along the southern border, and is identified seven billion dollars in potential funds to build a to build a border wall and put in place other security options. So I'm thinking this this this shutdown is going to end one way or another just as we go into a second pay period where federal workers are not going to get paid and people are getting impatient. Krista Kafer, here got a great show ahead. Of course, we're going to talk about this vote. These bills Senator Cory Gardner his decision to vote for both. I interviewed him this morning as I subbed for Ross Kaminsky at six AM tack to the Senator about. About why he decided to vote for both. We also have a very special guest Dr Jonathan shark on he or sharpen rather. He is a professor and at the history and center for Judaic studies. He is at university of Denver gets him a little bit about Senate Bill number one, which is could possibly limit your ability to engage in free speech. I've got some concerns. He had an interesting guest commentary in the Denver post. I read it. I thought this is really interesting. I think a lot of folks don't know what this is. And what this is about. We'll talk to him in the second half hour of this program. Also, some some hopeful results from a Colorado youth substance use survey, and we'll talk to a person who is part of rise above Colorado about what those results are saying. So yeah, sometimes there is some good news. Also Senator Michael Bennet kinda freaked out on the Senate floor. He, you know, he's usually pretty mellow. I met him once he was he was super mellow, and is usually pretty statesmanlike and he kind of flipped out which I'm not a big fan of flipping out. I'm not saying that I mean, occasionally, I flip out. I just think that being statesmanlike even when you're passionate is probably a good idea. But that's just me. So we had this vote on the house floor or sorry on the Senate floor. Both bills went up in the Senate. You've got to get sixty votes is to say filibuster threshold. You don't hit that sixty votes threshold. The Bill is then not agreed to and both of these went down when I talked to Senator Cory Gardner this. This morning. He said that he wanted to vote for both. He really wanted the one that has the border at the border funding in it to pass. But it he didn't think it would. I mean, honestly, the numbers just aren't there? Republicans don't have sixty votes. And so he was prepared to vote for the second one which would also fund the government, but did not include that border wall funding three zero three seven one three eight two five five. Also, the text line five seven seven three nine this shutdown is got to end. And I I I've said from the beginning it was a risky a risky showdown that may be interest both the presidency and to to Republicans in congress. Not sure that that damage will last hopefully, people have very short memories. But I didn't think it was a good idea. I would have liked to have seen a negotiation and compromise in the months leading up to the end of the year. That's what appropriators sit down with their staff a little horse trading. You know, we get some border. While funding. They get some subsidies for electric cars. Everybody gets what they want. Never get everything they want big is a little bit of what they want and the cameras aren't on. And you know, what when the camera's not on people behave a little bit better. So Democrats in the past have supported while funding. And I have no doubt that with the cameras off, and no pledge to shut down the government, and, you know, virtue signal and do all the things that Democrats have been doing. They would have said. Yeah. Okay. Well, you know, we could use a little more structure in this area. Little more structure in that area. And we'll get we what we want which is more handouts for different people around the country. So I know I'm over simplifying it. But I have been congressional staffer. So I remember these negotiations, and honestly, that's the way to do it doing it in front of the cameras means that you get to intractable sides to groups that will not back down in part because the cameras are on and the bases are watching. So Senator Schumer. Not a fan. He is a democrat from New York and liberal, and he just seems kind of jerky to me. Anyway, it was sick clip. Number two. President calls concessions to Democrats are the protections for Dhaka and TPS recipients that the president himself rescinded and it's been subsequently protected by the court calling this a reasonable compromise is laughable. It's a starkly. Partisan proposal perfectly encapsulates the president's hostage taking of the American government. Hostage taking I hate that kind of irresponsible rhetoric because you know, if you've I've never been a hostage. Thank goodness. I suspect that it is a terrifying experience to be held at gunpoint, while somebody's demanding a helicopter and fifty million dollars an unmarked bills. Like this is not a hostage situation. I'm not saying it was a good way to make this play. I maintained from the beginning that this was not the way to go. That said it's not hostage taking. Don't use that kind of rhetoric Mr. Schumer how about you just say, hey, I don't like what he's done this. I don't like the compromise. He's put forward we're not in the mood to to make compromises 'cause you wanna make the president look bad. So we're not going to participate. I put words in his mouth. But that would have been just a bit more truthful than how he put it. Also, he he continues his hostage is hostage narrative. Let's hit number three. Quote. This is what the president could be saying in this Bill. Give me everything I want in exchange for reopening, the government vote for the president's plan is very simply an endorsement of government by extortion hostage taking you know, I I hate this kind of rhetoric 'cause you end up with an escalation once you've had hostage taking an extortion. I remember a couple years back. They were using this kind of this kind of hyperbole this kind of aggressive demagogy clang which and they used it. They used to with with George W Bush talking about I think they called. Yeah, they call. They they called Republicans hostage takers, and extorters, and and other I think they even call them terrorists have to look that up. I met remember when year I made a list of all the nasty terms used by the likes of people like Senator Schumer, not helpful not helpful in this way. If you're a democrat out there listening when this kind of language is used by one side don't be shocked when it's used then by the other side. There. It's it's a very predictable response when you have people saying nasty things about people like John McCain, and George W Bush and former speaker of the house, really good statesman when you have people leveling this kind of language at them. Don't be surprised when a person like Donald Trump shows up and gets elected people only like to be bad Maost people like to be badmouthed, and they only take it. So long before they snap and say, okay. You went nasty talk will elect we'll let the best nasty talker that that you can that you can find and we will punch back not saying it's the right thing to do. It's the human thing to do. And so. I I think this kind of a responsible language is. Shall we say problematic? Also, Senator Lahey not one to not jump in. Here's what he had to say. Spots used a pain and suffering. The American people as leverage to force US taxpayers to fund the president's bumper sticker campaign slogan, southern border wall or his promise that Mexico pay for. Is hard line and immigrant agenda. That's what the Bill does not a compromise. Not a deal. By fellow senators would oppose it. I actually thought it was a pretty decent deal. This is the deal does the president outlined on Saturday. That has some good things for both sides in it. But there is absolutely no incentive to compromise. At this point, the Democrats. They do not want to give President Trump a win. They don't like him. They don't like his base and their basis saying hold tight do not give in similarly on the right? That people are saying to to the president do not buckle down to the to the Democrats don't give in don't get them. What they want don't start up the government again and those of us in the middle. There are few of us out there who are saying, let's stop this damn nonsense. Let's reopen the government. Let's let's get this kind of border wall funding through the normal process. And you know, we don't need to have the cameras running and bluster and extortion and hostage taking and and all that I expect more of statesmen, and these men are not statesmen not not a one of them that I've mentioned so far. Tonight. Senator Cory Gardner. He is a statesman. And I appreciate his his activities. If you want to tip, his choices and his votes, you want to hear my interview with Senator Cory Gardner. It was this morning at six AM. And yeah, I was awake doing doing the business of TAC radio. I'm actually on my eighteenth our of on air, live, talk and this morning. I worried I run out of words like they weren't anymore words led to my head that I drink Krista. Now, it's just a dream. This is just a dream says Ryan it is. It's been an interesting experience have been delighted to sub for my friends here at k how and also KOA. So it's been a lot of fun. But I do feel like I'm running out of words so much. So that told my editor at the Denver post. I can't do a column you just can't have any words left. So I'm not doing a column this week. If you look for me tomorrow, you will not see me there. And there was so much to write about. Anyway, you've thought about this three zero three seven one three eight two five five. I do think this emergency declaration is. I think it's probably a good idea. It's there I have some some mixed feelings about it. And that. It every time. So by me back up a little bit the president cannot appropriate money for stuff that has not been appropriated by congress congress holds the power of the purse, even so there are a little pots of money here. And there that it can be used for different things at the discretion of the administration. Also, there are a number of laws that allow for emergency declarations that then allow for the president to appropriate a certain amount of money to tackle that national emergency. I think the White House can make a good case that there is an emergency at the national at at at about at the border with Mexico. You've got yet another caravans starting to make their way up through Mexico, and we need to let folks know that..

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