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Just don't go away. But EPA can show up with even one symptom. The good news is manageable. But to get to the right diagnosis, you have to break it down for your doctor and. News. I'm Steve rappoport. President Trump suggesting a path to reopen. The government sent him a spending Bill with a down payment for a border wall. Wall is based on. I mean, it's all based technology works only when the wall. Bucket of work you need to walk. A lot of the technology is put on top of the wall. Some moderate lawmakers running out of patience as the shutdown heads for thirty fifth days is all man-made. Mr. attorney on the catastrophe is starting to emergency Senate democrat, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Florida authorities say the man accused of opening fire in a Bank yesterday killed his victims execution style. Still a mystery as to why twenty one year olds Zaphon Xaver chose the SunTrust branch Bank in the tiny town of c- bring where he lived with his parents to allegedly commit five grisly murders. But police don't think the victims were specially targeted boxes have been Brown and see bring this is Fox News. So Senate Bill one would protect an ally from boycotts, but it could have packed Americans. First amendment rights says our next guest. Stay tuned..

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