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Cardi B Tapped For Las Vegas Residency


Who has just signed up for a Las Vegas residency. And this is great news. I think because what we're learning we've been learning for the last year or few years is that the Las Vegas. Residency is not for old dusty accent anymore. And I think this is great news. We have a new Las Vegas residency in its Cardi B. So this to me the reason why okay, sandy just because my brain I've been looking at this all week, and it just dawned on me like how you're saying. Because I my mom just made a comment you like, you know, what happens when they send him to Vegas that. It's not anymore. And that's what I this is exciting to me because for a few reasons among them. First of all, I think that like concerts, the whole concerts have sort of lived in our lifetime has changed so much. I was talking to our social media person here at the radio station Hannah, she's millennial, and we were talking about how she was did, you know, that you used to be like a window at Dayton's where you'd go to get tickets to concerts, and it was like, yeah. Yeah. That's how I want to get tickets. We did you either use your telephone. Yes. And sat on hold for one hundred years or you walked your but to either Dayton's or like there was a window at the rainbow foods in uptown. Yes, there they're always windows at foods, and you would wait in line. And you could get a front row seat by waiting in line. If you were there early enough or you get a ticket. You know, you'd get a number like lottery if you had an early number you could get a front row ticket. And you know, what my husband had a front row ticket to see. The Rolling Stones that he only paid fifty dollars earner and that was expensive at the time soon. I'll think about what a front row seat to a concert would cost in two thousand nineteen fifty dollars. No, you wouldn't even be able to get in the arena for fifty dollars. Eight hundred minimum. That would be like an okay concept. Either of you paid that much money to sit front row in an added concert. Never. I've never sat for dessert. I feel like sonny's cooler than all of us. I'm pretty sure I listen Yami to sit down and have a talk with my daughter. Okay. So we will cool. You are. Honestly, I it's unbelievable how how much it costs to see a concert now. And so when and and when you would go to Las Vegas that would be like the sign that your career was ending. You could no longer fill in arena, and you needed to go there to live out the remainder of your days until you went to glory, and that was the end of debut had some gambling debts too. You had some penguins to buy exist. I mean, it was it was a different world. Yes. It was a different world steady gig. And now, I I think it's a really wise thing to just stay in your small intimate place. It's usually like a nightclub tape gig or smaller theatre type gig in Las Vegas. Have the people come to you. It is a great for whatever venue. You're playing. It is extremely lucrative for them. It's far more affordable for the spectator. What's interesting about some of these residencies that have been announced in the past couple of weeks with really hot acts is that they're not going to be performing in arenas. So they're not going to be at the Coliseum like Celine? Dion. Mariah carey. They're gonna be playing nightclubs. So I think it was last week. It was announced that Drake is doing a nightclub residency at the encore. Yeah. And then Mark Ronson is doing a nightclub residency at the park MGM and Cardi B's residency. That was just an. Ounce yesterday, that's going to be beat the palms hotel. Yeah. So these are all associated with nightclubs, which brings a whole new level of intimacy to their performances, which is awesome. Yeah. Yeah. So anyway, I just I think this is really exciting. And I'm hoping we'll see more of this. Because I just I do think, you know, first of all I love Las Vegas. Second of all the idea of being able to go to Las Vegas and see an artist that doesn't really. You think about this? Okay. So sit with me here Sanni like going to Las Vegas is an you can do it pretty inexpensively relatively. I know that there's still a vacation and still, you know, it's not cheap to hop on an airplane. But as far as they go, you can do it relatively inexpensively. And so if you've budgeted for it think about being able to go there and go relatively inexpensively to see more than one artists that you've always wanted to see up and down the strip you do that for the price that you might pay to see one. Ernest in the front row at an arena. And that's kinda cool. Like when I think about being able to

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