Weekend shutdown talks led by Pence to go into a second day


Remedy for immigration policy remains the hurdle. Russia's deputy foreign minister says no prisoner. Swap is currently on the table involving Paul Whalen, the former US marine arrested in Moscow over a week ago on suspicion of spying, the BBC, Sarah Raynsford reports hip cough said that at this stage. Talk of swap whole and any Russian detainee was inappropriate counter-productive and politically unjustified. His comments came after days of speculation that the former US marine may have been arrested to exchange for Maria Putina. He's pleaded guilty in the US to conspiring to act as an unregistered agent of Moscow. Second ripped off though since there is no link between Mr. Williams arrest here in Moscow and other detentions. Meanwhile, Russia's foreign minister announced today, the US took a Russian citizen into custody a day after wheeling. Was seized Massachusetts. Senator Elizabeth warns following up on her announcement this week of a presidential exploratory committee holding campaign

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