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Prescription drug prices are on the rise


And the rest of the country and up yours. The prescription drug prices will go up again the underscore. Here is six percent. This year. One expert said the prices keep rising because there isn't oversight on costs while that may be another person said he expects more drug companies to announce hikes in the next month. Or so so your friends the drug manufacturers are doing a nice job of screwing, you even more is a lot of money that goes into researching the drugs and making sure that they're safe and getting him. Through FDA approval process that sort of thing, but come on look at the bottom line of these pharma companies and tell me they're not making a lot of money. And maybe there should be a review of of how it all works. Dr Jack and Dr Doug here on good day health. The again reminder podcast on forbidden, Dr number one, forty four vitamin k to controversy money driven. This information campaign. The bogus version of this chlorophyll we were talking about the impact on your health by checking it out at forbidden, Dr dot com. There's also something the controversial thing between

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