Steelers fall to Raiders as Chris Boswell falls on game-tying field-goal attempt


Go to Oakland and lose yesterday. Unbelievable. Twenty four to twenty one Chris Boswell missed an extra point. But the story of this game for a while was Ben Rothlisberger getting hurts volume. He stayed out until they started to lose. And then he goes back in. Yeah. We'll ribbon DRAM in the fact that he was back on the sidelines. Sounds like he was cleared to come in. Mike Tomlin said later that. It was the game flow that the game at the time did not allow for him to return. You know, what our interpreted the bottom line? He went into the locker room to get X. Rayed checked out comes back. He's okay. Yeah. Not a great game for an Tonio Brown. Five for thirty five. Jersey was unbelievable though. Eight thirty three touchdowns thirty three points for juju. But the real story was how would this backfield shake out yesterday? Jalen Samuels, Stephen really, the answer was an overwhelming. Jalen Samuels is the guy Stephen really found the end zone, but he had five carries for four yards. One. Touchdown. Jalen Samuels, by the way, seven catches on seven targets of sixteen point two. If James Connor MRs next week and Adam Schefter reported it's possible play. But we'll find out later on. Then you have to figure. Jalen Sanyo's is an Rb to again this weekend's the

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