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Larry Nassar, Kristen Holmes And United Kingdom discussed on Mitch Albom


Party who are concerned that the backstop might remain in place indefinitely and therefore lead to questions over the unity of United Kingdom itself. Or as she suggested the comments today will she manage to go back to NP's giving them more power over that question of the of the backstop and their ability to bring it to an end if a wider trade deal between the UK and the EU is not found Melissa bell. London. Officials in Washington state investigating a series of tax on Jehovah. Witnesses houses of worship correspondent Kristen Holmes reports that the latest happened on Friday, the fifth attack in the past year on the religious group in the. Date in March. Two kingdom halls were set on fire then in may shots fired into a separate kingdom hall causing more than ten thousand dollars in damage, and then in July, another arson completely destroying a house of worship so far. There have been no arrests in Washington. I'm Kristen Holmes reporting. Another new scathing report says high ranking officials at both the United States Olympic committees and United States gymnastics failed to protect athletes from Larry Nassar's sex abuse. The report follows the investigation which was commissioned by the USOC earlier this year, it found a lot of institutions and individuals enabled Nassar's abuse they failed to stop him. It included coaches at the club elite level, trainers and medical professionals administrators and coaches at Michigan State University as well as officials at USA G and USOC a twenty five year old man from Oxford has been charged with child abuse after his six week old daughter was found with difficulty breathe. Leading the child's at children's hospital today listed in critical condition. Police say Christopher Williams called police to a home on chin cap in rural Rhode early Sunday morning where the little girl was found in distress. Police say Williams later admitted to shaking the child he was charged with one count of first degree child abuse. And that is a felony that carries life in prison. WJR news time six oh. Five borgwarner sets the patient powertrain innovation since two thousand five borgwarner has become one of the most decorated companies in the history of the prestigious automotive news pace awards. What's next hour? Mechanical know-how and proficiency and rotating electric Motors will accelerate new technology development for electric and hybrid vehicles. Borg-warner's unique systems expertise is driving future trends with faster market solutions for a cleaner more energy efficient world borgwarner feel good

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