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Judge Emmet Sullivan and district judge. Now that Flynn spent no time in prison. We don't know what the charges he might have faced. But in the end he had a plea deal last year. For lying to FBI agents who were trying to talk to him about his contacts, especially during the transition with Russians and including the then Russian ambassador. Sergei kislyak. So that you know, what we got this morning. Also was the presidential tweet wishing buccal slenda best and saying that, you know, he hopefully will have telling the truth in the face of a tremendous pressure or the president saying there was no collusion that kind of thing. So that's seems reaching out. At least for the moment was former national security adviser on top of that obviously was a week ago. Paul that we had that meeting here with the president Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer looking to try to avoid a partial government shutdown Friday night. Things seem to be status quo with that particular issue right now. Well, two things do I have this confused with something else. Do the district attorney in New York say he doesn't care. What mother says about Flynn they have their own issues or was that somebody else. Well, no, I what it is is apparently one of Michael Flynn's a business associates faces charges of being a of not being a not registering as a lobbyist an agent for a foreign government. And apparently that's for work that they did for on behalf of the Turkish government. But I'm I'm not exactly sure anything else that the southern district of New York, which is New York City involved. So I'm not sure if there's anything else about Michael swin, eight might find interesting right now, it might have been somebody else. Of course, the transition by the way, I mean, obviously, it's part of the transition occurred in Trump Tower. Where the where much of the transition actually occurred in the days leading up to the January twentieth. Inauguration two thousand seventeen it sounds as if the Republicans who are asking the president what they can do to keep the government from shutting down our kind of is unaware as. As what's his name

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