Saints keep finding ways to grind out wins, stay atop NFC


Wow. The saints are twelve and to their a game ahead of the Rams with two games remaining for the top seed throughout the NFC playoffs. The Panthers six and eight eliminated from playoff contention Cam Newton's right shoulder still bothering amid shows he was sixteen of twenty nine just one hundred thirty one yards. A picky was sacked four times. Drew Brees twenty three of thirty five two hundred three yards of pick. And two sacks. Christian McCaffrey became the first player since Walter Payton back in one thousand nine hundred five to have at least fifty yards rushing fifty yards receiving and fifty yards passing. He carried fifteen times for fifty three caught eight passes for sixty seven and on a halfback option. Essentially he threw a fifty yard touchdown pass. Just four minutes of the game on fourth and two from midfield. But again the saints win the game. The bears are three and a half point favorites to beat the forty Niners here on Sunday, Nick Mullins. Of course, we'll start at quarterback for the Niners. His seventh straight start since making his NFL debut in a big win over the. The raiders and Cal Shanahan finally made it clear that he's not gonna play CJ Beathard anymore. This season. The team is going to be fully under the direction of quarterback. Nick Mullins deserves to be an ex players played very good. And he's gotten better as he's gone died. Yesterday was probably next best game. And especially the way finished it in that fourth quarter and not all complete a lot of balls. But just him getting rid of the ball on some really tough protection situations and being able to get that one Dante at the end, which was very tough to get off. The pass to Dante Pettis about thirty yards to keep that winning drive alive. Shanahan with more on Mullins. He's done too. Good of a job and loving a C J more playing time, but Knicks earned it, and I'm not taking them out. And hopefully, Nick Mullins will be the fulltime backup to a healthy Jimmy Garoppolo next season. Stay tuned. Denver a two and a half point pick over the raiders on Monday night. The warriors beat Memphis easily won ten ninety three. Sports at fifteen and forty five and all news one zero six nine AM,

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