Herb Kelleher, Southwest Airlines' co-founder, dead at 87


It is I think you have to have that spark in your DNA to start off with that your little bit of a risk taker your little bit of the visionary, you're a little bit of an idealist southwest CEO. Gary Kelly says Kelleher was a mentor and more importantly, a friend. Herb loved people. He just loved everybody. He loved life. And without a doubt, he loves south. West airlines. He had the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met. And we loved him right back. Kelleher was eighty seven Austin York. Newsradio ten eighty KRLD Ivo six. Now, according to their coach Dallas Cowboys are all set for the postseason. Full practices are done for the week of the Cowboys before their wildcard game was Seattle and stadium tomorrow night head coach Jason Garrett answered directly the question of how his team looked in those practices blocked. Dan, engaged ready to go. You know, whatever after-effects anybody had physically from the ballgame. Kind of put a behind him and

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