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Five fifty five traffic and weather every ten minutes. First on the fives. Your comes Ed Rodriguez in the carpet cleaning traffic think it's about time. We can get our kicks on ice sixty six we've only got delays in Vienna. From Nutley street to one twenty three and in Centerville from the Fairfax county Parkway the bull run rest area inbound the devils connector has a very briefly. Well after one twenty three to join I sixty six eastbound sixty six close just from the Dulles connector to sycamore street now from garage door here dot com. WMA oh Weather Channel forecast. Chances are up as we go through the night and into Saturday. Then it looks like we're going to be in great shape is we get into Sunday. -cational rain is we go through the night hours up to a quarter inch of rain possible. Those in the mid forties guys on Saturday with a chance of rain. Highs in the low fifties clear Saturday night lows in a little bit forties. Partly sunny weather on Sunday. Highs back in the mid fifty s I'm meteorologist Mark sibito from the Weather Channel on WMA. Al right now, forty nine degrees. Traffic and weather brought to you by compassion international. You can't change the.

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