Sponsors flee Tucker Carlson's show over immigration comments


The times investigation found companies like Microsoft Spotify. Amazon net were given access to far more Facebook users data, then even Cambridge Analytica. The British PR firm that collected the data of eighty seven million Americans in a bid to sway the two thousand sixteen presidential election for Donald Trump, the data sharing appear to violate terms of the two thousand eleven consent agreement with the Federal Trade Commission on user privacy. Meanwhile, Twitter says it's investigating whether state-sponsored hackers were able to gather personal data from its users. Twitter says the hack Colby related to unusual traffic from IP addresses and China and Saudi Arabia. The Trump administration on Tuesday issued a new rule banning the sale of bump, stocks accessories. The turn semi automatic rifles like the fifteen and fully automatic machine guns. The van came more than a year after gunman. Stephen paddock used bump. Stocks to massacre fifty eight people wounding eight hundred fifty one dollars at a concert in Las Vegas under the rule. Change Americans will have ninety days to destroy their bump stocks or turn them into A T F agents, the lobby group gun owners of America promised. It'll sue to prevent the rule from taking effect. Arizona's governor Doug Ducey has named Republican congress member Martha mcsally to serve out the remaining two years of the late US Senator John McCain's term mixed Halloween is a former air force pilot and Colonel who's failed Senate campaign earlier. This year was backed by President Trump Barth mix Sally narrowly lost to democrat Kerstin cinema in November's election in south East Asia. Reuters investigation has found that Burmese government is taking steps to ensure that more than nine hundred thousand Rohingya Muslim refugees who fled to neighboring Bangladesh will never return home where he decided satellite images that show. Hundreds of new houses are being built in villages where the Hindu once resided before Burma's government back to campaign in two thousand seventeen that the UN has described as textbook example of ethnic cleansing this is ruining the refugee Hussein I'm speaking from a sprawling encampment and Cox's Bazar Bangladesh. Gotta be another big futures full of darkness. We're not sure whether we will be able to go back or not if the government gives us back our rights, then we can go back you've already left our country. Four times we go back come back here. Again, it's not fair as we want to get back are racist Burmese citizens. We don't want to stay in this country in China, a new Associated Press investigations found the Chinese government's forcing minority Wieger Muslims to work in manufacturing and food industries. Much of the forced Labor's occurring inside vast interment camps in northwest Xinjiang province where up to two million Muslims are being held captive. The AP found some of the forced labor went toward manufacturing products for the North Carolina based apparel company badger sportswear in October, China acknowledged the existence of the Wieder camps saying they're part of efforts to counter extremism. They call them reeducation camps and in Germany workers at Amazon warehouses have gone on strike during the busy Christmas shopping season. This is Amazon worker, Markus Wolf. Almost

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