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His Panthers than Notre Dame this season pit, of course, played both teams losing forty five to fourteen at UCF in September before losing a much closer nineteen fourteen contests in south bend in October factor fiction UCF has not gotten nearly enough credit for their twenty four straight victories over the last few seasons. Oh, that's a fact the snobbery of college football has been on full effect when it comes to UCF now as I fully admit again, I'm not I don't consider myself a college football expert. But if it's so people said, well, they play nobody. Well, but if it's so easy. Why doesn't any other team from any of the other conferences do this? It's very rare that it seemed goes twelve no in any conference. And they went didn't they go fourteen and our last year, right because they won their conference championship and the ball games, and they weren't fourteen and our last year, they're twelve and this season, they won twenty six twenty six in the last two years, if we're so easy other teams would do it. And they don't I'm not saying that they're one of the four best teams in college football because I don't know that they are. But if if Oklahoma and Ohio State and Auburn excuse me in Georgia lose, I think they deserve their shot at the college football playoff. They have been totally destined dismissed I do think it was embarrassing that they were declaring themselves national champions last year, but they deserve more credit. No matter who they play a still college football. And then winning every game..

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