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Back to their family doesn't celebrate that day as a Christmas. What about here in two thousand eighteen in any way, shape or form? Is observed must be some castles left must be some folks still working in them serving their owners. Well, I traditionally now integrate house is it was a day of cold cuts because obviously most of the stuff or off. It was the day that everybody would hunting even when I was a young man people would ride out on on the on the FOX on Boxing Day, but that is now illegal half largest FOX's anymore. So that tradition is also died after turned into the only thing people chase down the today on Boxing Day shopping bargains, like you'll black Friday Boxing Day has become for us shopping day. They say a third of all people in the United Kingdom. We'll go shopping today, and you mentioned hunting. I I thought I read where either Prince, Harry or Prince William were going out hunting, or and one of their wise was forbidding them to do that can the Royal still go out maybe in in. Where's it sending him? Were they spend Christmas. You could still have a hunt. But what they do is. They couldn't I think it's called a dragnet hunt. So basically you take a net with a out on head of the the the hands chase down the Senate. If you see I mean, but there's no live animal involve well. And everybody's thinking that's pretty good or are their complaints. Other problems with the tradition that used to occur there in England. Yeah. I think sort of light from the no I think it's a bit similar to America in the nineteen fifties and sixties hunting. And I and all that sort of thing was fine. But from the nineteen sixties, it became less and less fashionable and the league against cruel sports was formed in England, and they actually got hunting band, and also you dear coursing and hare-coursing and things like that banned because of the suffering of the animal involved is this this Boxing Day over there in England and elsewhere. I would assume is it a kind of a national holiday where banks would be closed. Kind of the United Kingdom. So we get two days off. We get Christmas day is a holiday public holiday and we get Boxing Day. And then later on. We'll get New Year's day. Would you be taking anything back or buying anything today? There. Jon murphy. I I got the show. I'm staying in cooking. Seven my house. Guests have gone up to London and some Oxford to do some shopping that'd be people sleeping out on the streets at Oxford Street outside the store next to this morning. Really? Well, what what about is heritz gonna have a big day as Selfridge is going to have a big day. Yeah. The the big stores will have them made they make more. They take more money on Boxing Day. Then they take the entire run up to Christmas. Now. Harrods it always big and the old days. They used to be, you know, ladies would cue from the early hours of the morning because it will always setting mink. That's very very low prices. It means stoves mink, coats and things like that. But these days, I think it's more designed away you necessarily McCartney cell phones. All right. Oh, belated merry Christmas to you in the family, John and a happy Boxing Day and thanks for the background. We appreciate it. Yeah. God bless Bye-bye. Now, we had the right now traffic center check in with John bale. You're probably wondering all morning long. What is this Boxing Day? What's the tradition? What's the history behind it? Right. John. Is it have anything to do with leeann Spinks and no not not whatsoever. Just the the folks the servants who used to work out that food in a box and lo and behold, they say that was the history began on that one the history of our freeways and surface streets and the day after Christmas, I think quite lightly traveled is that proven to be true on this Wednesday morning were that certainly is the case very light volumes the the week between Christmas and New Year's is the week of the year when volumes are at their absolute lightest. That's the case so far this morning. So we're making pretty good time one exception near metro airport. There is a reported accident slowing traffic for. A quarter to a half mile on westbound I ninety four near Middlebelt. This morning with the rest of the freeway system is running along. At posted speeds. I'm John Bailey. WJR traffic will slash higher. From the

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