Fortnite: An Unwinnable Battle at Home?


Support for this podcast and the following message. Come from SAP. Concur employees can submit expenses and invoices from anywhere, and you get the visibility and control you need to drive your business forward. Learn more at concur dot com slash W, s j. Just tech news briefing im Tanya Bustos reporting from the newsroom in New York coming up a look at how fortnight the last man standing video game has grabbed hold of Americana pushing aside other pastimes and hobbies all the while transforming family dynamics, the Wall Street Journal took an indepth look at the cultural takeover of one of the most popular video games in years. That's after these tech headlines. The journal reports that snap which was once seen as a viable competitor. To Facebook is struggling after CEO. Evan Spiegel ignored warnings about a redesign that proved unpopular with usership and the share price falling analysts and employees are raising questions about whether his trust your gut management instincts can help pull the company through the journal takes a look at the changes ahead as snap aims to grab more users in and beef up the information it collects in two thousand nineteen Facebook's top conservative takes a new power position on at the social media company. The journal reports that Joel Kaplan has emerged as the sites protector against allegations of political bias, and you often serves as the decisive word internally on hot button, political issues in particular. Mr. Kaplan now has say in whether certain news feed products, get launched an area that has long been the purview of Facebook's engineers and product teams. City University of New York coders hoped to fill Amazon's queens headquarters, New York officials call H Q to a boon to the city's university system which graduates thousands of students with tech degrees. Each year the company's agreement with New York provides a three billion dollars in city and state incentives to Amazon bringing twenty five thousand jobs in the next decade. Amazon also plans to bring seven hundred jobs to Long Island city by twenty nineteen coming up how fortnight triggered an unwinnable war between parents and their kids. The value of fortnight's maker epic has swelled to nearly fifteen billion dollars from less than one billion in less than six years. The Wall Street Journal reported such in October. Furthermore, the takeover game is not only reshaping American spend their time. But also how they communicate. And the Wall Street Journal's Betsy Morris reports that it may also care at family relationships in ways that few if any video games have done before. So what exactly makes this game show powerful in a special journal feature some young players explain the current fortnight hype? Everyone's playing all of our friends like it's everywhere. Toby got it. He didn't really play. He'd never played. It is agree. You should get it. So I downloaded it. And we played it was really fun. The Matthew had it like you got like a week later. Now, we play never got our first win, the congress Cullen going for the next lane next one if they fighting game animated, there's no blood, and I like the fact that it's like. You just jump on a map bat Oreo. It's really immersive to and it's always different it's net. Like every game isn't going to be the same. I just fell in love with it. Right. When they showed it to me. Jamie Madigan author of getting gamers explains. The key social components of the game. That are changing the way young people communicate most of the most popular games like fortnight, and others are social so you're playing within against other people. You're communicating with them. You're talking outside of the game about the matches. You had last night or coordinating schedules? So that you can play together today after school, and it is a much more interactive social experience than it has been in the past. I've a bunch of friends on here that play and they won't get on when gets off one gets on. And then I play with gets on which they keep saying, it's a different way to interact socially now than like, for example. Go into part, I'd say, it's it's really cool because it lets you communicate with people that you don't really see that much. Parents are noticing the change in social behavior. Firsthand fortnight is a big part of. Of his social life, and of what makes them happy these to play more of a variety of things. But at some point it was just fortnight. That's it for him and all his friends you really wants to play with his friends are on. So he's not as interested in playing when they're not on. And then there is the already addictive nature of video games to contend with. And how some say fortnight takes things to a new level people like activities that make them feel like they're mastering something and getting better at it. They like activities that make them feel important to other people to the extent that that activity satisfies those needs people are motivated to keep doing it and come back to it. I sometimes I feel like from. I'd say I play enough via wearing after a couple of months playing you might get a little dicta to it. It hits a lot of buttons with in terms of reward. And we have many kids that we can compare him to there seems to be such a trend in some similarities between the mall in terms of not really. Wanting to get back to it wanting to play it for a long period of time. He just seemed to really be fixated on this game. Even when he wasn't playing it. You get nervous when you see your kid staring at a scream incessantly for four hours. I'm concerned that it's very addictive, and that it takes so much time away from everything else. You're trying to be the good parent and not be too permissive. You don't want this to get out from under you where it's something that you're having constant battles about. And where you feel like as a parent. You don't have a say in any any limit setting with it. The journal notes that research on the impact of video games is inconclusive on one hand it found video games to boost visual acuity processing speed and decision. Making on the other hand studies also link aiming to poor behavior and lower school performance. It's a weighty topic. Again, check out more WSJ for a special feature an in depth look at. The issue. That's it for the tech news briefing reporting from the newsroom in New York. I'm Tanya boost does thanks for listening.

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