Autopsy review: Man slain by police in Alabama mall was shot from behind


Mantech FitzGerald Bradford junior was killed by police after they responded to a shooting at a mall in. A suburban Birmingham where two teenagers were injured. A lawyer. For Bradford's family says the autopsy confirms the victim was not a threat, and that he was moving away from the police next door media group has announced it will acquire Tribune media for over four billion dollars making it the largest provider of local television stations in the United States in August Tribune media pulled out of a proposed merger with right-wing Sinclair broadcast group the FCC it expressed concerns about the merger with Sinclair despite rolling back rules that prevented consolidation and local media markets in two thousand seventeen and in Canada. Indigenous activists have been physically blocking the construction of the largest fracking project in Canada's history members of the onus data clan stopped TransCanada corporation workers from entering their territory on November twentieth. The land on the western coast of Canada is in the path of the plan. Four point seven billion dollar coastal gas linked pipeline. Last week TransCanada applied for an injunction against the indigenous community an attempt to gain access to the land. This is free to Houston a spokesperson for the camp. The projects going to impact our water or salmon or berries or medicine. Everything that is our critical infrastructure is that if the court grunts them that injunction dot gives the police the right to try and come in and do a raid and pick us down, which would they would try to take us out of our own home. We haven't committed no crime. We're just living on our land. We've never thirty feeder surrendered or land. We've never lost through treaty or any other means and we've never given up our decision making power to any outside entities and a correction to an earlier story. Edward Felipe is the prime minister of France, and those are some of the headlines assist democracy now democracy now dot org. The Warren peace report, I'm Amy Goodman. Welcome to all of our viewers across the country and around the world. We'll begin today's show by continuing to look back at the legacy of George H W Bush the nation's forty first president who died on Friday at the age of ninety four bodies now lying and arrest that the capital funeral service will be held at Washington National cathedral on Wednesday, former presidents, Barack Obama Bill Clinton Jimmy Carter and Bush's son, George W Bush will attend as will President Trump who was not invited to speak. A second funeral will be held Thursday in Houston where George H W Bush will be buried. Well, president. Bush's death has dominated the news for days. Little attention has been paid to the defining event of Bush's first year in office, the invasion of Panama and December nineteenth nineteen Eighty-nine. President Bush sent tens of thousands of troops into Panama stencil to execute an arrest warrant against its leader Manuel Noriega on charges of drug trafficking. General Noriega was once a close ally of Washington on the payroll and a nationally televised address. Bush claimed the invasion was needed to defend democracy in Panama last night.

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