A highlight from The Art of Compassionate Business w/Bruno Cignacco


More more quality bitter price. He's a much better performance. So and you see many companies that acting in an opposite way. They tried to over promise. They tried to sasha ray their their offerings and they tried to enter. The these aren't example compensated are noncompassionate so this is one of the training. Seminar for companies. Another training seminar is for example how to to develop much more competitive teams. You see that many many of the people working for that company act in a competitive way. They tried to outpace one another. They tried to take it all the married for the projects and this not a good environment. There is totally said for example that teams that that acting in a compassionate way that support one another then to bring about hiding place at the function higher customized satisfaction lower employed to nobre logan playoffs in shown a lower chris labeled and this impact positively on the bottom line so being compassionate be mean being supported being grateful being genitals in business bring about profit instead of when you focus solely on key performance indicators such as profitability productivity efficiency and you dismiss the relationship with different stakeholders such as customers employees community members and business bars. You tend to it that use your performance. Your your indika tend to go down. Why because we understand. The disindicators are always been natural result of interaction between the company. Any stakeholders in simple words. I wonder listening to understand this. You kind of succeed in business. Without people we succeed without a human being i many companies only focus on one hundred eighty s because business profit market share sales which are important but they dismissed the relationships. We the most important

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