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Dot e e for all things techy we have also changed service provider. And which who went seamless. Because hopefully you'd have noticed that we changed service provider as you if you want to watch on youtube. You can do so on our youtube channel and that is listed on our website. Www dot all things tech data or if you youtube do all things techy podcast. You probably find her at the state and we are also having changed our podcasting provider dot means. Stop like it just was more beneficial. Because we're part of extreme media extremely half sketching radios well so we decided to change the platform and hopefully seamless integration. Because it should be still available on. I tunes still available on all your podcast. Stores like spotify. Wherever you get your podcast you should be able to find. And don't forget if you want to get your hands on one of our stickers. The all teams techy sticker show told the right way that way. Otherwise we'd be in the ivory coast and the all things techy podcasts. Stick if you want to get your hands on one of them you just send us a email. It's coming up very well on on the screen. Santos an email to comment at all times tech data or you can tweet us at ab tech junkies and we will send you. One of those stickers free of charge yet the greenville the commission. Because i'm using green. Yeah i don't actually have an office overlooking dublin city. Sorry i've ruined the surprise there with you. Send us your queries. Visit w. w. dot all things tech dot e. Yes so we're going to be changing a bit of the actual layers of our program so we are going to always doing your technology queries. If you want to san jose in technology queries and are some professionals. We will get people to talk a base. The problems you're facing comes at all times tech guy that one thing that we will be doing we still will continue are under the spotlight series talking to ab for professionals. They got into the world of av. We have some great ones coming up very soon including some ours professionals who have just retired. That's all i can say at by dash. That's going to be great app. So that's that's coming up in a couple of weeks time. And we still have corden in february therapies. Only the corner guys. So that is an episode not to be missed as well and then we also will be doing a technology. Roundtable tech rang table. Every month is probably going to be the third recorded on the third friday of every month. And we want anyone that wants to talk tech with us. It's an open forum for base. Our will editor time. So we don't insult any attack companies or say anything bad but like it's going to be honest on abe professionals talking tech and what's happening in the tech arena and its technology with your wealth tax green with donald trump got tomorrow. It's according to this. On tuesday nights so tomorrow wednesday biden gets inaugurated companies in lockdown the stations and lock time but one base all the social media that he was using completely no. We're going to block donald trump. It's not just an echo chamber anymore yesterday. Conspiracy theorists the alt-right the far right kyun on followers and others stormed capitol hill and livestreamed. I'm least the crack it. let's go. We have a fraudulent election. I would like to report demand. live streaming. This for example is called tim gene. He's a quite nationalist activist. Better known as baked alaska. Who's streaming everything yesterday. On the blockchain service live is youtube channel was banned in october. Then there's jake. Angela who became globally famous for a time yesterday a well-known cunanan follower who believes trump is taking a stand against a secret society of satanist. Pedophiles this is like a global takeover. They're trying to create a new world order for stop donald trump and his social media presence. He told them to come yesterday. He's been proclaiming janu. The six online as a day of reckoning for weeks now on the nineteenth december tweeted big protests in dc on january. The six be there will be wild a few weeks later. He repeated this message again in capitals and again on january the forest with the hashtag stop the steel whatever happened to the old days where presidents of the united states of america hot websites do remember when bill clinton had a web place. And you could actually sent him emails. I remember when i was a young teenager that you could actually sent bill clinton emails to his website address. Cool that the president of the united states out a website duchy could send emails to well. Donald trump has been blocked by his favorite media twitter slapping labeled on trump's post since he wandered twenty twenty election since november. The claim abate election for dispute. The platform didn't attempt to limit has eight eight million followers on twitter from viewing sharing such postings. As it had june for trump's tweets labeling people demonstrating in the zolt of the police killing of george floyd as thugs fast forwarding to wednesday january six. The platform locked trump out of his account for twelve hours. After the capital assault it would not return access until the deleted tweets the violated its content policy two days later following the insidiously tweets from trump twitter ninth a permanent ban on us attempt. The platform also later suspended at potus. The official kind for the presidency and his team trump campaign kind after trump attempted to try and skirt. The bob so to twitter belong to pro-trump lawyer lynnwood were permanent. Suspended on january seventh over tweets dot toughens said in social violence. One of these kinds fight back. Law was apparently being used to dodge. The bomb twitter flight a saturday tweets by ludolf at guiliani that linked his appearance on the steven. K bannon pod gas war room and attached this label. This claim of election fraud is dispute and a tweet cannot be replied to retreated light due to a risk a violence. You're not only is trump's personal lawyer and one of the lightest at proponents of the president's debunked election fraud narration. And it goes. It goes onto. Twitter blocked him now. I taught job probably only users twitter but then he was blocked on facebook and instagram. He was also blocked on youtube. Which i didn't think he would have that much. Content on youtube may be did. He was standing blocked on amazon web services. Cut the social media site parlor over the weekend. A users act glorified capital rush. I'm violated its terms of service now. I've never heard of before That's coming from a tech person. Obviously being used by a lot of time campaigners on protesters so amazon web services blocked it. It was also blocked on apple

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