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Plus group, because that would take a lot of time to go through each patient's folder, and they want to get his many people vaccinated as quickly as they can. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says President Trump And President Trump Fed lies to the rioters who attacked the capital January, 6, the Kentucky Republican, said in his Senate floor speech. Today. The mob was instigated by the president and other powerful people, McConnell said Trump quote tried to use fear and violence to stop a constitutionally required government proceeding because he didn't like the election results. Americans elected a closely divided Senate. Closely divided House. Presidential candidate who said Would represent everyone. So our marching orders from the American people are clear. We're to have a robust discussion. And fake common ground. Pentagon says 12 National Guard members were removed from the inauguration mission after the FBI found evidence of inappropriate comments, Army General Dan Hawkinson said extremism is not tolerated in any branch of the military, Hawkinson said they pulled those members off the mission out of an abundance of caution. He indicated those inappropriate comments are unrelated to events that took place at the Capitol two weeks ago, Defense spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman says. The American people should have confidence that the National Guard will ensure there is a safe and secure inauguration on Wednesday. I'm Tom Roberts and our inauguration

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