The COVID-19 Vaccine: Will You Get It?


Welcome everybody to say what needs saying. I'm zac non brandon and today for this particular conversation were focusing on the vaccine covid. Nineteen finally has a vaccine. That by next week's time should be distributed to what is one hundred million americans before even go into that we must establish the base for what is and what is described as a vaccine. This'll be a substance that helps protect against certain diseases particularly this one covid nineteen vaccines contain a dead or weaken version of a micro. And it helps you a new system recognized and destroying the living microbe during future infection with infection being the actual covid virus. Now with that being said there are considerable side effects. That have been mentioned in the news. some bit more exaggerated than others Some random occurrences have happened in people. Have i guess. Almost use the causation. Cause algae notion like some people go around saying you can get bell's palsy from it though it can just be the population who got it this far but that will all be discussed. I'm sure throughout this conversation. Now i must throw. It's zach and ask you for covid. Nineteen vaccine trump was renamed the trump vaccine whether there's fifteen hundred dollars behind it or not for you to take it as an american zach. Will you be taking this vaccine I wanted to before i do that. I wanted to tell Let everyone that's listening. That isn't already aware Everyone what you are exactly just so that they understand like obviously we're not pretending to be experts. Understand everything on this. But in this particular instance you do have a bit of credibility given that you're in the medical community right like at least on some level. What do you do for anyone who's listening. That doesn't actually know what you do. Oh i'm a cervical neurophysiologist What that boils down to is when surgeons neurosurgeons do specific spine or anything around the nervous area type surgeries my job to make sure that during while they do the physical aspect i look at their nervous structure the eeg aspect of saw brain and just how their muscles are corresponding so say for instance. The surgeon is working within the spinal cord. He may hit a nerve or maven damage. Attract in my job. What i'm able to do a see in regards to what he's doing what muscles he may be damaging and i relate that information create that back and forth communication to make sure whatever he's doing is into detrimental to the patients nervous system. What happens is i stimulate some areas on their wrists and ankles recorded from the brain set the baseline anything that deviates from that. We alert the surgeon. Yeah and that happens with anyone so this code patients as well then we have to increase the level of precautions because they even tell extra precaution when they're drilling and the bone the bone fragments are going into the air. You have to wear Glasses you even have to wear the masks especially change clothes change garments all. That stuff's interesting. Yeah so yeah so with say. Witnessing we've pretty consistently want to make clear that we're not legal. Experts were not you know. Experts on Political experts in things. But at least in this case random has a little bit of experience in the medical field. And i have a little bit of experience in neuroscience As does brand. And so hopefully we can bring that perspective in hear other people's on i to answer your question. Am i taking it. hi. I'm still not sure if i'll be forced to take it for my job. My lab is in the kellogg. I center at michigan on. And there are patients there. And so we're not obviously. We aren't dealing with patients ourselves. Or at least i'm not but since they're in the building i wouldn't. I wouldn't be surprised if there was something forcing me to do it with that. If that happens i mean i'll do it. I'll listen. I'll take the vaccine them. You know i'm not gonna fight it. In that case if i'm not mandated to i haven't fully decided if i will immediately I may wait a little bit. But that being said we're already getting some info from the uk and other places. And so i. I mean time will tell when it's available but i think as it stands. I wouldn't take it tomorrow unless my job depended on it. That's not to say i'm doubting it but again just like you know the the initial xbox the initial five years ago out you know do whatever needs to do work out any bugs. In come see me. Back granted it might be mandated just like any old flu shot for us but in greenwich it. We'll definitely

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