Chicago mayor 'appalled' by 2019 raid on Black woman after video is aired


To a Chicago woman for the wrongful raid on her home by police that left her naked and handcuffed. I I am sorry. What you experience should never have happened, Lightfoot says. There will be full accountability for what took place in February of 2019 social worker engine at Young was alone and naked in her home on the West side when officers used a battering ram to smash in her door. Nearly two dozen officers then swarmed in and searched her home. But it turns out the officers have the wrong address on their search warrant. Person. They were looking for live next door and was on electronic monitoring. She was left handcuffed in crying. While officers told her to calm down, Young says no one should have to be treated like that. February, 21st. 21st. 2000 2000 and and 19 19 will will be be something something that that I I will will carry carry with with me me always always initially initially tried tried to to keep keep the the video video from from becoming becoming public public and and went went to to court court to to try try to to sanction sanction Young's lawyers for releasing it. Aid aldermen are now calling for City Council hearings on the raid and an investigation of the allegations of that cover up.

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