S2 E06: Rolling the dice more often

State of Mind


One of the hardest things about living in france's out and buy wine. They don't put the names of the grapes on any of the wine bottles. It's all region. And so i didn't know where the regions were like i thought bordeaux was a grape and i thought burgundy was a great like i had no idea about wine at all and so i with read these things. And i'm like that says the word bordeaux on it and it's white that must be good because it has the word bordeaux and i heard bordeaux's good and i by net. That's fucking horrible wine. That was one of the things where i was like fuck it. I'm just gonna learn how to do that. I don't have to deal with this pressure anymore of not knowing what's on the menu or what these things mean and have this confidence of understanding you know having this background of it and so i started taking these classes to try to learn something about wine and it ended up being these professional level winds certification. So if you're a wine waiter at a restaurant you go and take these classes to level up than to have a new certification that you could then get a better job at right. And so i kept taking him and kept taking them and i got to the point that i could probably get a job. Technically i'm certified to get a job as molly at a restaurant and it just became like this hobby obsession where i just got more and more into it into it and became fascinated with it the entire time. It was just an interesting thing that had no outcome but it was something that i was interested in passionate about tommy new skills and as long as you keep doing that this actually one of the things that i've learned i think in life is to say yes to things almost like a child. Scotch icon is a highly curious person. He finds enjoyment in life by just learning new things simply by saying. I don't know anything about wine. I'm going to become a wine expert. Notice programming language. I'm just going to study it. He will fully submerged himself topic. Even without knowing. If it's ever going to be useful he's done. Triathlons is written a book. He spent countless hours practicing song before karaki night and he built a company that was acquired by microsoft for seven point. Five billion dollars company is guitar. This is the story of a guy who by being intellectually curious became a millionaire and how just by participating in lots of things at a high level in order to satisfy his mind. He has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. I didn't make any of these decisions. Because i wanted to be successful or because i thought it would be financially viable I did because i love doing it.

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