A highlight from Two Americas: A Nation Divided

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Welcome back everybody. It's time once again for another episode closing the wealth gap. Because we only have to look around. You know what's happening. The rich are getting richer and the poor. Well let's bring in the man. It helps explain this wealth gap and teach us how to close it. The man who's been it for millions. Iram french tyrone. Hey happy new year buddy. Happy new year to you. It's twenty twenty one and it becomes more clear to me than ever for anybody who's looked at the news as of late there. We really living. In a world of to america's two different two different world views two different two different sets of facts to different two different ways of looking at the world. Here not only. Are we living in to america's but that gap between those two. America's are getting wider and wider. every day. yeah really so. We got to get to the point where we understand based on perception looking at both sides and kind of we kinda got to kind of look at it as though one person is colorblind and another person is it. And they're looking at the same picture and they're trying to explain the vividness of that picture and the the person is colorblind. Can't see what the other person is. Not colorblind is talking about in. That person is right from their perspective and the other person is absolutely right from their perspective but the conditions the conditioning and the programming is totally different to whereas they can't see how can two people. This is what throw. I'll just give you a little background. Mean little kind of set the stage for what. We're gonna talk about here. So i guess i should be trump voter. I'm sixty five tomorrow. I'm a white male. I grew up in suburbia In you know affluent suburbia. I was surrounded by people. Who've all looked like me. I lived in. Leave it to beaver land here in the midwest and i left because i wasn't satisfied with i came to california to seek my fourteen seek go west young man find the california gold and i found a world that was exciting and vibrant. And we're very few people look like me. It was everything it. I found that exciting but my friends and relatives back. There are the trump followers. The one america that i'm still so amazed with and they look at me like i've left the tribe. my mind. You came to california you. You crazy You've forgotten roots. And i'm like no i didn't because my roots were irish catholic. They weren't spurned. When we came over we were the first hated group of immigrants came over in the great potato famine. And then i'm partly polish and we came over in the nineteen hundreds and nobody wanted the dumb polacks anymore and they wanted the drunk irish You know this notion that we're just because our skin is all light that we're all somehow brothers. That wasn't true for hundreds the first two hundred years in america here. The ku klux klan fought against irish catholics as much as they did african americans and other and immigrants. So i came here and i'm constantly in touch not constantly. I still in touch with friends and family from there who have a totally we talk. They see the same fact. I see the same day to day occurrences And one says it's evil and one says it's good one says it's black and one says it's white One says it's up one says it's down. I can't understand how we i came from this world. I i try and understand what they're seeing the fear they're feeling but i want to jump in here. Yeah jumping here. I totally get what you're saying. But the difference in the twentieth century is technology. Yeah and think about think about maybe in nineteenth and eighteenth century with something happened in europe It took a long time for that message to travel right fast forward today. Your information is coming At the speed of light in nantel sections now nanoseconds and what's happening in the polian he'll coined he talked about autosuggestion which is self suggestion and just remind everybody for those few that might not know napoleon hill that he wrote a famous book study. Yeah he wrote. This book called thinking grow rich. And it's a very if you're talking about starting a business or being on this success track Thinking grow rich is almost like the bible that that you know pretty much lays out as far as a formula

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