WNBA players celebrate Warnock's projected win over Loeffler


Right. Before the insurrection at the capital there was two senate runoff elections that the country had their is on in one of them. The reverend raphael warnock defeated the incumbent. Appointed senator kelly leffler in georgia. Kelly leffler for about ten years has been a partial owner of the atlanta dream of the wnba. She's now the majority owner but she's been around the team for now ten or eleven years and you may have heard her own players and much of the wnba is diametrically opposed to everything that leffler stands force. It was a very interesting situation to see everything develop earlier this week. And then how it works in the team dynamic for more on that. Let's welcome and renee. Montgomery actually a guard for the atlanta dream. She joins us this morning. She's actually rejoining us this morning a second time. She's been on with this. Good morning to you so i guess the first thing i gotta ask you is being a member of the team and understanding everything. That's going on on the floor in off the floor. What's the reaction of you and your teammates to misled losing this election. So i'm just gonna speak for myself and the reaction is. It's not even just her losing. Its rafael worn off. One and i wanna make sure that the messaging stays clear because there's some things that happened on january six is trying to take away from the fact that a black man is going to send it a jewish man from georgia's going to send it and we won the presidential race so i would say for me. It's a sweep. it's a three no sleep. So the the the feeling is happy. Rene speaking of january six. What are your thoughts on everything that occurred that day. Yeah you know. It's kinda like we all felt something was gonna happen. I was worried after november. Third ominously like when when the number started tied and we could see that joe biden. Really my win this thing you know. We all started to get a little nervous even here in georgia the aquarium shutdown coach color. They all boarded up their their buildings because we were all expecting some type of reaction and not a good one so then to see what happened on january six and see the lack of policing that was there it was it was disappointing and most call a spade a spade. It was terrorism. Domestic terrorism is the term that we should use for that renee montgomery innately. Sorry thanksgiving i was going to say what is say about the platform that the wnba has like you guys like even a month before. Colin kaepernick took a knee in two thousand sixteen. The wnba pre-game conference about police brutality. You guys were black. Lives matters t shirts before it was even a thing. Guys always been the leader at the forefront say about the platform that you guys have in the work that you guys have been doing you know. I hope people start to licking because a lot of brands. A lot of sponsors. They don't see the value in in women would say 'cause you know. I think i saw a tweet. From china robinson that said of sponsorship for women athletics how chow especially now knowing the impact that a women's league not just so a player but a whole week and have i don't understand why there's no interest but i do hope that just seeing how things transpired and how everyone to see what's going on. I hope that there is some value added to women now. Renee montgomery of the atlanta dream is joining us. This morning on keyshawn jay williams zubin were presented by progressive. Insurance and rene is with us on the goodyear hotline to robinson by the way. Espn women's college basketball analyst shaina. Yes shoutout. I want to ask you this because people may not want to go back to leffler because i think this is just so fascinating with how clear she's been in how clear you guys have been She used to be for people. That aren't aware that maybe don't follow the dream on everyday basis. She used to be a constant present. at games. a practice you'd be a team functions. He was always be sitting in the front row. She was very active owner. Obviously things have changed when she went to the senate got other responsibilities. I just wonder what your relationship is with her. The team's relationship with her you know even before the senator race i would just fear before the games. We've been to her house. Where team function. But i mean any of the players know you're not usually best friends with owner in general you know you typically would talk more to your g Even when it comes to contracts and stuff so we did see her there and we would wait and she was you know. I know that she released herself. From you. know day to day duties as she became a senator but she was president and the wnba. I know probably the letter was her trying to distance herself. Thing is how she's republican and the wnba. Is you know highly majority. Lgbt in black and brown community. So i can understand why she's trying to distance ourselves but it wasn't the case beforehand. Rene we're kind of personal discussions if any at all have you had. We'll often about social justice nine. I'm you know this was a typical owner-player relationship. So you know. I never talked to my minnesota on her about social justice. And i know that this time is is different but by the time that all of these things try Started to unfold. You know it was already. She was already too far. gone by. then how do you feel now that everything is transpired and she still co owner of the team for me and this is gonna be unpopular to say but for me. I'm sure she's not the only owner. That probably feels the way she feels. And so i hope that the wnba and hope that you know even her you know i. I've already posed the question. I don't know why he would want to own a wnba team. If you have to write a letter to the commissioner opposing. Everything that that team is standing for you know. Our team is the atlanta dream. And i don't know if people know that's from martin. Luther king's dream speech. That's how we got our name so if you oppose everything that we fundamentally stand for. I don't see how you can build a relationship there. I don't know why you'd want to be there

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