The Catch-Up with Joel & Kim: ATP/WTA Tour Preview 2021; Querrey's Russia fine; Sunshine Single; Slam predictions; RIP Live Scores app


Abu dhabi and sam query finely gets fine for fleeing russia Is upon us. It's a dc as well of course for the posse show. But i think it is safe to say that i have absolutely no day will unfold. This season of the tool information is becoming out in drifts. Jobs it feels like over the over the christmas break. But hey we're here. We've got some to look forward to but i do think it's safe to say this could be the most unpredictable season in the atp at wj count is that's a. That's a fair assessment. I would agree. I think whatever calendar schedule we've got right now. It's probably going to change at some point. I'm sure there'll be a few cancellations thrown in somewhere along the line. And i mean who knows what's going to happen joe. I have the can reading some predictions later on. I have gone for some familiar faces for my predictions to bring a bit of certain t very old time that we're in. It's been a moment that she joe since i think we lost released an episode. Say i feel like i've gone. I've forgotten how to speak. I say i'm happy. Yeah we get through this episode. We've hiccups the tennis tool. But a yeah. I mean it is. It is a crazy situation. We are in because we got to you two weeks to go. We stop each other being light. There's no calendars know. Calendar out and it was really kind of you know letting thinking must have been light to be one of the issues not not being able to know what your schedule is gonna look like in always kind of having to make decisions very very instantaneously. But yeah we do. We do have some tennis to kind of sinkhole teeth into we also are gonna look at some of the big of tennis news stories. That happened over the kind of the break between twenty twenty and twenty twenty one before we get into that. We just want to kind of raise. Just kind of complicate things festival. Thanks everyone who has supported our crowdfunding campaign over the over the break. We are now at a target. We've been a target right a five hundred pounds We're still open For i think five days now. I think we're we're closing on the the ninth of january but some we are so thankful for everyone to who has supported the party but we know times a tough. We know it's christmas as well But we are really really really and of course there is still time to get involved and support us we do have all incentives they put the link in the description if you want to look at our crowdfunding page and support us or if he just wanted to the old fashioned way you can go to google and type in crowd funder. The passing shot absolutely. Yeah it's been fantastic to see See the support financially coming in. Thank you ever so much and hope everyone had a nice christmas break. Was noise as it can be you know under the current circumstances here in the uk. We've just entered a third national lockdown So it's going to be a bit or for the time being really hang peyton that the tennis happens. We've got to look forward to kim. Also santa very kind to the passing shot. He gave us a brand. New gives a brand new logo. It's giving us a brand new theme chewed as well. Santa has been kind to us. So we've we've had that to be to be fact before christmas day did she. Did you get any other sort of tennis at any of tennis related products. Attendance related products mean president. I'm not tennis but the the rafael adult shop has just sent me an email to say that they're doing big sale. Say maybe all treatment show new year's gift raphael moscow. Something but yeah. I'm really looking forward to getting back into it. And i think without further ado. Joe we should. We should kickoff for today and Yeah and just kind of have a quick run through of some of the kind of news and updates. Because like you said we've got kind of the calendar for the first few months of the year released. The first thing that's wrong to to my mind was that the wpa actually now renamed tournament somewhat and now aligned with the the atp so go the premier mandatory premier five events they are now wgn one thousands Akin to the masters one thousands on the on the men's side and then we've got W j five hundred events w h e v days which was The national events. So for me. That was a good move. What what do you make of the the renaming after streamlines. Yeah i mean we. Yeah we spike about the fat. The you know the one of the talk of the season loss last year was about the increase of cooperation. I guess between the pierre. Wti and weather as roger. Federer put it weather in his christopol. We could see a merger happening between the two. But i think this is gives credence to that idea that it could happen. I really d- like i think he's just makes it very much easier for fans to just understand kind of the tournament is it significance You know where is the standing. Because like the difference between premium mandatory at prebiotic has lost a lot of a lot of people. So i think doing this is really kind of simplified it and and helped and kind of helped fans gain just kind of coupled with that we've seen some rebranded as well for the atp and nwea is so it feels that using this moment to really kind of get kind of tennis get tennis sorted for the full year that we can have now seemingly still with the with the pandemic going on. Yeah think it was kind of a very good thing to see. And i mean that was one thing that kind of caught my book. I mean the other things as well. I mean we in this kind of unprecedented situation. Australian open qualifying is going to be in dubai and doha. I mean that is. That is wild isn't it. I mean. I think that's purely a timing thing. Isn't it because with the quran dates for the which was due to start on the eighth of feb. The players need to be in australia. Like a good two weeks before that. Say to sa- qualify. Well yet having to and then go off. So there's going to be a gap of while a good two three weeks so you're not going to get that kind of qualifying story of someone battling through three rounds. Consecutively that helping to play you. Not days later in the main rewards. It's gonna feel quite out but they just didn't want you know that many is traveling is why reduces the number that would need to go so a purely practical and the same the same thing you know if you were in melbourne and you can get a ticket. You've go go home later. Tournaments coming up because if you look at the schedule for the osce. Summer of tennis forget sydney and brisbane. You've go everything. At melvin poked five events happening which i i swear came. I got an email from the australian open. Tickets are now on sale. I swear they were toying with me. I was like how dare they. How are they as. I said it feels like that is going. I mean soon going to be kind of the center. Really for fatty so tennis because he. Atp is going ahead which again it did raise a few eyebrows. you know. that's a cup competition. Does that is that is you know is that essentially. We should be focusing more on on tournaments. Well as like it was. I feel like tall like the the you know. The knockout tournaments team competitions the ones. That are so individual of focus for me may be had higher priority but you know th the obviously in in its infancy only been going one year. They would obviously be came. Not you know not to have to cancel it so that that is going ahead. We'll be talking about that You're in a bit later. One isn't going ahead as indian wells. California at the moment is no You know a good shape with regards to the pandemic indian wells

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