Biden invites Pence to inauguration


I just heard it the top of the news and I already knew this. President Trump is not going to the inauguration of Joe Biden. I just I think that's sad, but under the circumstances now as the what happened I don't know. Maybe it's a good thing. But Mike Pence vice President Mike Pence, who Donald Trump through under the bus through under the bus badly this week. You know Pence you talk about a loyal vice president and he just gets thrown under the bus because he wouldn't go along with that cockamamie scheme. On the electors. I had thought and I had thought until I just heard that that Mike Pence. It already said he's going to president Binds inauguration and Mr Vice President, Please, please, Please go to that inauguration. You know, up Until this election, our country was known for the orderly transition of power. Other countries. Look to us for that. So we're not gonna have the president? I sure as hell hope we have the vice president. And would it be hard? Hell, yeah, it would be hard. You know, as a student history, I watch clips of 1960. When JFK was sworn in, he lost to Nixon and an extremely close election. 100,000 votes throughout the whole country. Nixon was Vice President Nixon had to sit there and watch that happen. You know that the prince of darkness himself, Richard Nixon did it with grace and did it with honor the same thing for Al Gore in the year 2000. He lost to George W. Bush. He went to George W. Bush's inauguration with class and dignity. So, Mr Vice President, please attend the inauguration, please.

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