Hackers have leaked the COVID-19 vaccine data they stole in a cyberattack


Hackers leaked stolen pfizer covid nineteen vaccine data online the european medicines agency e. And a today revealed that some of the pfizer bio and tech covid nineteen vaccine data stolen from its service in december was leaked online. Ema is a decentralized agency responsible for reviewing and approving covid nineteen vaccines as well as for evaluating monitoring and supervising any new medicines introduced to the european union on december. Thirty first there were media reports of threat actors leaking. What they claimed was the stolen. Ema data on several hacker forums. Ema also said that the european medicines regulatory network is fully functional and covid covid nineteen evaluation and approval. Timelines are not affected by the incident. Social media's big terrible week. Facebook staff are being warned to avoid wearing company branded apparel for their safety house. Democrats are planning to look into the role of social media as a source of this information relating to events proceeding and including the january six riot german chancellor angela merkel as well as a minister for the government of france have publicly objected to the ban on president. Trump's accounts and alternative private chat apps such as signal telegram on our topping app store downloads. For the first time go fund me has banned trump. rally travel fundraisers although not appearing strictly cybersecurity issues. These stories all have a great deal to do with privacy and they also have to do with security as the media in question have been outed as a means to incite groups to do militias. it's parlor archived. Due to quote mind numbing mistake as we reported here yesterday. A hacker succeeded in archiving ninety nine point nine percent of partners contents before it went off. Line analysis of what made this possible shows. That partner lacked the most basic security measures to prevent scraping and even ordered its posts by number in the sites. You are else which helped in pro grammatically downloading. It's millions of posts. Kenneth white a security engineer for mungo. Db refers to this as an insecure direct object reference parlor also did not use any sort of rate limiting to cut off anyone accessing to many posts too quickly making it. Easy for the hacker to write a script download everything in the order that they were posted. White calls this quote mind-numbing like a computer science one bad homework assignment sunspot. Malware used to insert back door into solar winds supply chain attack. Crowd strike has shared details about another piece of the solar winds orion puzzle. A piece of malware named sunspot was used to inject the previously analyzed. Sun burst back door into the orion product without being detected crowd. Strike reveal that the hackers deployed sunspot on solar winds systems. Sunspot is designed to check every second for the presence of processes associated with the compilation of the orion product on the compromised system if such a process is detected sunspot replaces a single source code file to include the sunburst back door

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