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One of northern california's most iconic property developers of the twentieth century. Welcome to the show david so dave. What is architectural photography. Let's start there. A lot of people might say it's as simple as a pictures of architectural subjects. If you really wanna be serious about it more than that. It's mostly just taking pictures primarily four architects in arkansas and publications set feature architectural subject matter and there are conventions that have have developed over trying as to how to render architectural subjects in two dimensions. That started four photography with painting drawing and so those conventions have transferred to the medium of is so i would say that. It's a lot of Photograph architectural objects for the portfolios of architects and related to signers off into the us and promote their businesses and just generally document subjects for posterity. It's well i think that's the simple scripture. So when i look at the nfl at your photograph for building number one just blown away completely but number two. I can tell like this is a professional professional photographer. Right or like the best of Striving it's in a class by itself and is a class by itself because you spend a lot of time in advance figuring out your subject or is it because you spend a lot of time and post tweaking the image or is it all of the above without giving your secrets away how you consistently deliver such amazing photograph. It is kind of all of the above. It tastes a lot of time and architectural photographing actual subject matter at somewhat include interior design. Subject patter this swell since it's kind of a related genre and there's different somewhat of a difference between architectural interiors and exteriors where you're concentrating mainly on the decor the furnishings. There's still very much related. It's very different for photographs. In doing port rids or product tabletop. Tarzi is sean rod to itself and it has very specific techniques at lucia logistical considerations that are related to it. Yes ideally it. A lot of the massively. The amount time that you spend with a subjec- because usually if there's any about a significant day like own it to the lighting you're dependent upon that even though i they asked quite a bit of my own. Supplementary lighting at times especially for interiors of the daylight is a very important feature yutian should get bite or some interiors where there's no daylight coming in so time of day. Weather conditions are can be critical. Subtracts gives you just say two shots exterior shots at the building. You know you're shooting one side of the building and other side of the building. You need to shoot those at very different times day. So we very well take you a whole day just to shoot those two shots. Because you've got to do one in the boarding at one in the afternoon or the evening. So they're going to be a lot quite a bit of time involved both scouting out locations to determine what are going to be the best compositions types day doing shooting. There could be a lot of time in the post as well so it is very time consuming kind of a process and then on top of that not all par for. Its do this but i tend to do a fair amount of lighting for my interiors. So that means for gain light with bent using an assistant sort of assistance to help with that so it gets pretty complex so on average i know obviously every subject every scottish shoot is different but you know i mean it like this is not you know you come in for an hour. You take some pictures of something. That's not moving but your average shoot it. We're talking you know a half day day days and that's just being on site not including your prep time at advance and obviously your post time afterwards. Not every emmy different projects have differed considerations because timing budget you know access to the property and so forth but but ideally by photograph a home. The client wants fairly comprehensive coverage of the assigned outside. I would want to spend typically a full day doing photography itself. That's not even counting. Whatever time. I mentioned a scalia head of time. It's that's possible to do and processing time later on just one exterior shot. Yeah that might take a couple of hours. Is i can determine ahead of time the right time day for that and the weather cooperates but when you start getting much the on that you really until at least a half day full day of most projects and their projects that can date days. I mean independent if the subject oriented and the client has the budget for multiple days potentially could be required. Maybe even projects to clients have had photographed over the course of a year or even several years because a landscaping grows out. They wanna capture that and they want to show property under different weather conditions. I mean obviously that it's pretty expensive so it's a lot of clients can before that level of shooting can happen. So what are the reasons. I am asking these detailed questions. About how much time you put into shoot is when people see the price tags for professional photographers particularly architectural photography. It is not an expensive but people think just because every smartphone has a camera in a were all great photographers. There is so much more that goes into it clearly. Sure i mean it's possible to get a great shot with your cell phone on the conditions are just right and you know what you're you're doing the technical you can't allow it up as much perhaps be compared to using the camera. The produce use tactically Theoretically possible but you just there's just so much editions use actually right for that at a lot of the time and that's almost interiors in particular are very technically challenging. I mean it's all getting an exterior shots. Say with simple camera. The given slightest just ri- is more likely than getting great interior shot. Interiors are just a whole thing onto themselves. Because of the extreme lighting challenges of you'll find it you're right light and shadow in angles can make interiors just so incredibly difficult to photograph. I guess the point. I'm trying to make that kind of thing is like basketball or football or any sport. Like i can go out and play any of those sports right now today. And that doesn't qualify me to play in the nfl or the premier league of any sport. I think it's a very similar with photography. You even have a great junk shot. Just playing around on the schoolyard. But once you get into the game with real follows and the much go right and can i consistently deliver on account on even doing this statement. I've been serious enough taga affi. Since i was a kid. Ten twelve years old. I went to the new england school photography much earlier in life. Although

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