Side Effects of a Reset

Small Doses


Thank you so funky. Well i ma does episode of twenty one as we enter year. Four of this podcast. I felt that we should talk about resetting. Because i mean we've been doing a lot of resetting just as a world but also i as creative. I'm trying to think of ways in which i can continue to to keep things going and flowing but also like fresh and not just for me but for for y'all as well so we definitely are going to be bringing in some new things this year. Some new New flavors and new new segments new types of episodes and is continuing to grow small doses as a space for all of us to continue to grow. So i hope that you guys are open and receptive to that because it just continues to expand our minds and and so this episode being the first one of the year i feel like a lot of us are coming into twenty twenty one and having to consider like the fact that we never considered becoming into twenty twenty one with the world and the way that it is wherever whatever way back when we thought the pandemic would be done by easter. Yeah that's a very very very very distant memory. A lot of our lives have changed in positive and negative and you know in in some ways that are not even either. They're just different. And so we're having to adjust and so the resets for me in two thousand twenty one is less about Just like the whole idea of. It's a new year new me but more so the concept of the world is still in the shitter. how do we reset our consciousness. Our perspective and make a different path for ourselves in this time. And you know. I have a lot of thoughts about that. But i feel that innovation community are the keys to us getting through this time getting to the other side of this time and thriving in the process if at all possible so in the spirit of community. Our first episode of the year is going to be a complete dmz episode with you all queries on resetting and you know where that works and you're you guys always asked me what i think about things and it's fun. I love being able to share that. In by the way. I mentioned i mentioned that i would wanna do a tv show. Where i do the same thing where i answer questions. Not about a specific topic but just answering questions. And you know someone was like be very egotistical. And it's like so wasn't egotistical. Man dr do did. It was egotistical. When dr phil did it was egotistical when dr ruth did it and do you have to be a doctor because at the end of the day i think what it really is is that you just have to be in tune. And i'm not going to be answering medical questions. I'm just answering thoughts about things. I've been thinking about and the job. He thinking about so any hill. My salad say that. I appreciate that you is. We want to know what. I think about stuff. Because i will be thinking anyway whether you asked or not. Let me also just add. Why community is such a big part of my theory on how we're gonna get through this. I know for a lot of people it's just like. Oh yeah we got to support each other but it's also because in this particular situation that we're in there's a lot of isolation and some people have been able to find like depth and introspection in solitude. A lot of people have been able to have a lot of people have stumbled upon loneliness and obscurity and they feel isolated and so what community does is. It helps you to remember that you are not alone and that there are others that can at the very least are willing to listen and oftentimes are able to relate and in that the human condition just feels like you are not the only one. The universe is trying to kill and we feel that way. We oftentimes have very adverse effects to it and it doesn't necessarily inspire moxie and pulling yourself up by the bootstraps often. It inspires despair. And you know we can have that we gotta we gotta fortify and you know as if we are the citizens of ministers hiding behind the walls in preparation for the on slots of the orcs all of my understanding them talking about lord of the rings. But for those of you who are not nerds. I will say this at the end of the day if we all come together and listen to each other and give space for each other then we create space for ourselves and that space ends up being priceless when you need it so. Let's make

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