Had coach Scott Brooks change the starting a lot of inserting energy and edge players, Garrison Matthews and move Augur. And now they've won five of six gays and Bradley Beal notes. Nothing. Coach was He just got to the point where you just wanna guys that play are you know which shouldn't be a lot You know of asking of us because we make so much money, You know, That should be an easy thing for us to do, But we are human. You know, we make mistakes, and we don't always come out the way we do you know, and coach coach answer then, and I think it's gotten a great response out of everybody. Wizard Close their four game road trip tonight in Denver Capital is finished a five game home stand tonight to get Spence. We're looking for a better start trail at the end of the first, very last three games, two of them losses. Men's basketball. Virginia dropped its third straight losing the NC state down 13 at the half. George Mason rallied for a 63 58 went over George Washington. Amber Nichols is general manager of the Wizard's Gee League team. The capital city. Go go a dream job with endless or is a player evaluation. It's not very glamorous in terms of the work that you actually get to do, But it's It's so rewarding, you know, being able to find a player that helps the Wizards. You know that you know, most people are most teams have overlooked Garrison Matthews and Maura Nickels in my story on black women leading in D C sports of the W T o P app. Dave Jackson ever you feel be sports and still ahead. It's time to reassess how d C

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