What Is Tail Risk and Are You Taking Too Much Of It?


Risk that we take we can protect against by buying insurance. We can self insure in have enough buffer to survive extreme risk or we can ensure others and sell tail risk protection before we continue. Let me pause and share some words from a new sponsor to the show babble. When the you know. I learned spanish many years ago and recently i've been practicing trying to improve my spanish by using babble. The number one language learning apps each lesson on babbel's about fifteen minutes. That's the perfect way to learn a new language. I've also been practicing with the french lessons on babble. Because i have a hard time pronouncing french. It was cool about babble. Is they design their courses for practical real world conversations in mind things that you'll use every day when you travel babba lessons were created by over one hundred language experts with the app you can choose from fourteen different languages so if you just want to toy with a particular language learn to say hello to order some food. You can do that if you wanna take a deeper dive like.

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