A highlight from Episode 34: Nightmare Fare

Something Who


Fascinating to poke focusing collision bit of a mishmash vote. Why wasn't an explosion whether must have been in dematerialize moment is happened. Nelson kuko's terrible problems. What are you going to do about the damage to my podcast richard. I'm concerned with molly. Podcast my co host and nine hundred listeners. We covered comprehensive all third party damage. Didn't worry i was involved in doing nothing particularly important to new. Just come crashing. You know me and then you tell me to worry. Or am i going to do for a podcast. Get in touch with insurance. People are insists that you sign a document. The effect this collision was entirely. Your fault. can't do that. What were you doing any way. You're right in the middle of a launch and land window for important podcasts. I was given complete clearance from gentleman gentleman threes. I'd say it was note for note. Wouldn't you what you have passenger me. Absolutely not i do. Some great analysis. And i can discuss the scienc- bits that no i answered. You'll may day. I'll be going to introduce those yes. Ima poll paul mentioned. But i wrote a big finish. And this is. Richard the owner of the other podcast involved in the incident on john's ninety. A doctor. science on this podcast so now. Why don't we try to separate the podcasts. Impossible like doing the impossible. If it's possible to get into the situation theoretically it should be possible to get out of it. You spelled it now but look. At the time of the collision your podcast was partially materialized. Yes therefore if we can recreate identical circumstances because could be separated. It's just a question of exciting. The molecules it should put your podcast on full thrust. You'd never know it might just work. I preferred it when it seemed impossible. Can we switch on the record. The power units we could do but it's dangerous was try anything to get out of this mess. Could damage your podcast. That's nice going from someone who's just crashed into it or risk it you pressing the vote. Bathroom the one. That's the have course. I am here. We go

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