More Hacking Attacks Found, Officials Warn of Risk to U.S. Government


Grave new warning about a hack attack on the us and lisa brady fox news in updated statement today from the homeland security agency known as cisa says the cyberattack recently disclosed poses a grave risk to government and private networks. And not just the federal government. A hack so sophisticated. They're not even sure how bad it is yet. How many agencies may have been compromised and software thought to have been used to infiltrate the networks may not have been the only way in. Ghs's care security arms says the hack against the us government began in march. Did not blame russian. The new statement but officials say moscow is responsible. Quote this actor is demonstrated patients operational security and complex trade in these intrusions. Removing this threat actor from compromise environments will be highly complex and challenging associations now ominous sign. This hacker won't be started anytime soon. Fox's lucas tomlinson in washington in a separate statement. The pentagon says there's no evidence so far that any of its information has been compromised the fbi cisa and the national intelligence director's office have formed a special group to respond to the breach president-elect. Joe biden meantime says he'll work with allies to impose substantial costs for such attacks to deter adversaries from attempting

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