New York's Cuomo blasts US inaction on COVID variant found in UK


Is causing concerns in several countries, particularly in great Britain. Here's a B C's Julie McFarland cases in London and the southeast of England are skyrocketing, a possible cause a new variant of the virus that causes covert 19 Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressing the nation in an emergency broadcast, maybe up to 70%. More transmissible. The British variation identified in Rome, the patient and his partner, arriving from the U. K a few days ago into rooms Fiumicino airport both on now in isolation. Several European countries now banning flights from Britain. The U. S. Has not taken similar measures on a mission. New York's governor is calling reprehensible. Right now, this variant in the UK is getting on a plane and flying to JFK. How many times in life? You have to make the same mistake before you learn it's grossly negligent. Just like the spring. As recently as

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