Daniels, Pickens connect, lead No. 12 Georgia over Missouri


JT Daniels tosses a pair of touchdown passes to George Pickens and want to James Cook to lead Georgia passed misery forty down to fourteen Daniels finishes the day sixteen of twenty seven for two hundred ninety nine yards ticket sales and five passes for a hundred and twenty six yards and that's what it looks like when it's stored one on one I'll never overthrow George I was never over there George always thrown up to him and you know he's got I mean a a a fifty fifty ball George eighty twenty ball the bulls get rushing touchdowns from severe white Kenny McIntosh Dejan Edwards and cook as they improved their record to seven two the Tigers touchdowns come on runs for Leri Rowntree and Connor Basil lack misery style five and four Georgia out Russia's Missouri three hundred sixteen to twenty two Michael Reaves Columbia

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